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    Today in Outrage: Old Male Pundits Unite to Exclaim Dismay About Stuff that Already Happens

    Oh geez. Really? I didn't really pay attention to this so-called outrageous action by HHS's new regulation mandating the coverage of contraception for women without a co-pay. Those bastards, I didn't know I should be outraged about something that already happens.

    I also found out via Old Pundit Alpha aka Mark Shields, who exclaimed on PBS the other night, "This is going to be cataclysmic for the Whitehouse". Waa... he continued on rather histrionically about how horrible this decision would turn out to be. Then I noticed Old Pundit Beta aka David Brooks, sitting there ready,leaning forward oh so hard and so ready to respond to this burgeoning controversy, the greatest mistake ever made by any administration, "This," he said, "is the most under-reported story of our time all religious people resent this intrusion into their lives, even if it has already happened in 28 states!!!"

    Check out the 30 seconds of amazing punditry which predicts an election over contraception and the simmering anger of Catholic women.   THE HORROR, THE HORROR, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES TO YOUR RON PAUL, END OF TIMER, BUNKERS OUR DEMOCRACY IS OFFICIALLY DESTROYED AND THE PRESIDENT LOSES NOW, HE SHOULD JUST WITHDRAW ALREADY. Umm, say what?


    No Womyn, Catholic or otherwise, were force fed birth control pills in the writing of this blog.

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    Lol!  Love your disclaimer--and everything else, too.

    I caught a glimpse of Judy Woodruff.  Didn't she/couldn't she speak?  The men are dunces who wouldn't know a women's rights issue if it bit them. 

    It's all Obama's fault and don't you forget it, little lady.

    Thanks Mona. Yeah what was up with Judy anyway, and these old dudes simply cannot be serious, except that they are serious. Weird stuff!

    I watched that Friday evening. I like Mark Sheilds but he sometimes says stupid things. There is nothing cataclysmic going to happen. Obama has not lost support from Catholic women in any large degree. This is a issue of access of health care for women. Those women who don't want contraceptives have the choice not to use them.

    It is so weird Momoe, that a bunch of old men would be so angry about a decision that has nothing to do with them and then claim it is a cataclysmic event in the re-election of the President, because Catholic women are pissed... hahahahaha I thought it was Onion worthy comedy!

    I agree with you, I mostly like Mark Shields but boy does he say dumb stuff sometimes!

    I kept wondering why there wasn't a deep discussion about the push back of women against Komen by those 2 men. Instead Mark S said something like that. I don't expect much from Brooks because he isn't a deep thinker.

    Yeah it would have been good had they attempted to discuss that and how women did push back and how maybe just maybe they know nothing about how women think about this subject.. WT Hell Momoe!

    I love this though, "I don't expect much from Brooks because he isn't a deep thinker" Lolz.. no he isn't is he! Hahahahahah that is awesome.

    It is very easy to be against "killing babies". It takes a much stronger individual to say "I'm not going to talk about abortion again until we as church people make clear to those in power that we have to take care of the poor and infirm among us and act to end suffering on earth." In my vision of Martin Luther King, Jr. I hear him making such a statement. (I realize that everyone imagines MLK saying things that agree with their point of view). Christians have become too comfortable with arguing pro- or con on abortion. This misses the bigger picture. We need to focus on the living. The end result will be fewer abortions.

    Absolutely rmrd... I agree with that 100%. "Focus on the living", spot on.

    The tenets of Catholicism are of no value to me since it became well acknowledged that they allowed pedophiles within their priesthood to continue abusing children and never any consequences of note.

    From that point on, and not that I ever agreed with their overtly chauvinistic doctrines and practices such as:

    the idiocy of confession  - i.e.  say two hundred hail mary's and God will forgive you and the next time you commit (insert 'sin'/felony of your choice) just come on in and confess again, no problem/accountability - not to mention confession that protects/enables criminal/evil acts because it is somehow worse for any priest to 'tell' than for them to enable ongoing evil acts; 

    forbids the practice of birth control - and no, the church won't contribute towards your or the bakers dozen of kids you birth needs and the list goes on ad nauseam -

    I give the blather of their 'dogma' to have the same worth as a cup of regurgitated baloney.

    The patients and employees under the umbrella of their medical facilities are not all Catholics and are entitled to access/to make personal life choices that fulfill their needs and impact them.  This is the CC's effort to control their own as well to try and inflict their doctrine on others.  It's sick and wrong.

     As for:   "This," he said, "is the most under-reported story of our time all religious people resent this intrusion into their lives, even if it has already happened in 28 states!!!"

    That's insane - 'religious' is not synonymous with Catholicism.  His remarks are the epitome of  hubris and pious irrationality.

    Whew.  I just can no longer abide cloaking acts that create needless pain for multitudes within the darkness that has become the majority of organized religion entities.  No one does/encourages divide and conquer, bigotry and cruelty better.  

    Hahaha, that must be how we initially bonded Auntie, I was kicked out of CCD when I was 1 cause I told Father he was wrong and illogical, he was both wrong and illogical, what can I say. He wanted me to apologize or I couldn't return, boo-fucking-hoo, that wasn't happening. I never was confirmed but I never looked back either.

    My favorite Catholic Bishop is Bishop Finn of Kansas City. His parish was under a court order to give a judge regular reports due to past abuses and crimes, monitoring for child molestation, when last year it was revealed Finn waited from Dec. 2010 to May 2011 to report that one of his priests was taking and storing pictures the priest himself took of little girls private parts on the church computer system. This in a parish under court order for previous crimes. Finn was indicted, but let off with another  court order to report to a judge. Meanwhile Paterno was driven to the grave for reporting rumors of hanky panky in a shower that he did not see himself. Then there is gay hating Bishop Olmstead in Phoenix, who excommunicated an elderly nun and the hospital for saving the life of a young mother with a medically necessary abortion. He also sent 50K to fight gay rights in Maine. Then there is the high Vatican official last week who was sent into official exile overseas for reporting fraud payoffs and abuse by Vatican officials in contracting. You could go on and on with these guys. They have no 'religious belief' except that they can get away with anything, while pontificating to everyone else how to live their lives

    That is the thing isn't it NCD, the Catholic Church itself, it's leadership, they've conducted themselves in such and amoral way, and then they purport to tell the rest of us not just what morality it, what it is to be close to God and Jesus, but in some cases how to vote. They can get bent.  They have lost the respect of most of their own parishioners they should quit involving themselves in politics, it isn't helping their reputation that is for sure.

    This former good Catholic girl would like to opine that one has to keep in mind that many bishops got to be bishops because they were ambitious ass-kissers and/or back-stabbers when they were priests, showing few traditional attributes of the more priestly servants of the flock. (In this day and age, brownie points are also often given to those who show the potential of being able to ruthlessly cut costs and downsize.)

    The Roman Catholic church hierarchy is not a democracy, ya know; it's a huge bureaucracy with a dictator at top that the rest of them all "worship" and want to impress.

    Most of the flock have little to do with them and basically ignore what they have to say (unless it's one trying to close their parish or school, then they might protest them,) and I'd say that's mostly the case worldwide. It's the in-the-trenches priests that have to try to get around obeying their orders, sometimes in order to follow their vows.

    Jesus Mac, don't you realize by now that Catholic girls do not like sex? hahahahaha

    That is why God made so many of them. ahahahaa

    Richard, I can't believe you left out the part about the patent leather dancing shoes. 

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