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    Wheeling and Dealing: Prince, Eric, and Donald Jr, the Russians, Seychelles meeting and the UAE 

    March 6, 2018 . . .

    Unpacking what's in the header is what this is all about...

    Note: Bold and underlined portions are mine highlights)

    Natasha Bertrand‏ @NatashaBertrand  4:03 PM - 6 Mar 2018


    Ah ha, there it is: “Mr. Nader’s presence at the Seychelles meeting appears to connect him to the primary focus of Mr. Mueller’s investigation: examining Russian interference during the 2016 presidential campaign.” Nader now cooperating: http://nyti.ms/2D3Ab9T


    4:03 PM - 6 Mar 2018


    March 3, 2018 . . . When George Nader came on the radar.

    Seth Abramson Retweeted Amy Fiscus


    See my prior threads on Trump Jr.'s secret trip to the UAE, Erik Prince's multiple ties to the UAE, and, days ago, my thread on the UAE and U.S. aluminum policy. Regular readers of this feed will not be surprised to see this New York Times story or the UAE-U.S. policy connection.

    Seth Abramson added,

    Amy Fiscus @amyfiscus


    NEW: Mueller appears to be broadening the investigation; he’s looking at whether an adviser to the UAE is influencing US policy. @MarkMazzettiNYT @ddknyt @maggieNYT https://nyti.ms/2FccPk2 

    6:05 PM - 3 Mar 2018


    Last December . . .

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson


    (THREAD) Trump advisor Erik Prince met secretly with Putin pal/Russian Direct Investment Fund CEO Kirill Dmitriev, at the request of the UAE. Then Dmitriev and the UAE went to Abu Dhabi—where Prince lives—to cut a deal. And Trump's son was in town. Hope you'll read and share.

    8:39 PM - 14 Dec 2017


    Continues . . .

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    2/ Under oath before Congress, Prince denied everything—doing so with such clear contempt for the truth and Congress that essays were written about how downright majestically he'd perjured himself to hide clandestine Team Trump dealings abroad with Russia. http://docs.house.gov/meetings/IG/IG00/20171130/106661/HHRG-115-IG00-Transcript-20171130.pdf …

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    3/ Here's my own analysis of Prince's testimony (a live-tweet thread that tracks each page of Erik Prince's lengthy conversation with Congress):

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    4/ Prince wouldn't tell Congress what business he discussed with the UAE Royal Family, though he says bauxite (aluminum ore) came up. He said the Dmitriev meeting was an inconsequential coincidence, though he admitted they discussed Trump, Trump's policies, and Russian sanctions.

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    5/ The Prince-Dmitriev meeting about a secret Russian backchannel happened on January 11, 2017. On February 21, UAE officials came to Prince's hometown, Abu Dhabi, to do a deal with—you guessed it—the Russians. The goods? Military goods—Prince's specialty. http://www.defense-aerospace.com/articles-view/release/3/181329/russia-to-sell-12-of-russian-helicopters-to-arab-investors.html …

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    6/ Even more interesting? The seller was the Russian government, and the buyers were a consortium that included the UAE and the RDIF (remember, the UAE was meeting with the RDIF in the Seychelles the same day the UAE and the RDIF met with Trump national security advisor Prince).

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    7/ The $2.35 billion deal for 12% of Russian Helicopters, a Kremlin-owned company, was to a "consortium" of buyers organized by Dmitriev—not all of whose members are known. The deal brought Russian military tech to the Middle East, which effort—again—is Erik Prince's specialty.

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    8/ At the time Prince met with the UAE and Russia, his fellow Trump advisors Flynn, Barrack and McFarlane were in the midst of a secret lobbying campaign to end Russia sanctions and give nuclear tech to the Middle East—so Russia could build reactors there. https://www.globalresearch.ca/white-house-may-share-nuclear-power-technology-with-saudi-arabia/5621193 …

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    9/ Prince and Flynn worked hand-in-glove before—in spreading the True Pundit Hoax in early November of 2016 (an effort that may have swung the 2016 election). In January, a shared aim seemed to be a) connecting Putin and Trump, and b) aiding Russian outreach to the Middle East.

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    10/ Here's where things get interesting. Abu Dhabi is just an hour from Dubai—so close that the two cities may as well be a single city (like Los Angeles). So guess who was in Dubai in the 72 hours prior to the RDIF/UAE deal? That's right: Donald Trump Jr.

    February 18, 2017 - First Sons Donald Jr, Eric Anoint Plush Trump Dubai Golf Resort 


    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    11/ Don Jr., Prince, and Flynn were all involved in spreading the True Pundit Hoax. Flynn knows Prince; Don Jr. was Flynn's boss on the transition team; there are indications the three men all know one another. We also know Trump has violated his pledge to do no business abroad.

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    12/ We know too that the Steele Dossier says Putin has used the sale of Russian entities to entice Trump in the past—offering him pieces of sales of Russian entities as a hidden investor (funneling the money through the shell corporations Trump's tax returns would tell us about).

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    13/ There is circumstantial evidence to suggest that Trump Jr. could have met Prince—and/or Dmitriev and UAE investors—in Abu Dhabi at the time the $2.35 billion Rostec deal was closing. Certainly, Dmitriev was wooing investors the day he met with Trump's advisor Erik Prince.


    Seth Abramson‏t @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    14/ The smoking gun-cum-Holy Grail of the Trump-Russia investigation has for many, many months been any evidence that Trump was *successfully* in business with the Russians during the campaign or his presidency (we know he *tried* to be many, many times—see Trump Tower Moscow).

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    15/ Congress and Mueller must look into the mysterious February 2017 Rostec sale to see if Prince, Don Jr., or anyone else associated with the Trump family, Trump Organization, Trump campaign, or Trump administration were involved in the secretive investor group Dmitriev set up.


    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    PS/ It's worth noting that 6 days after Dmitriev met secretly with Prince—again, a meetup whose content was *so* secret that Prince conspicuously perjured himself over it, risking prison—Dmitriev met with Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci in Davos. Someone must look into all this.

    Seth Abramson‏ @SethAbramson 14 Dec 2017

    PS2/ 1. If Don planned to be in Abu Dhabi/Dubai for the Rostec deal, the Trump Dubai golf course opening would have been a perfect cover. 2. We know the UAE wanted to get Trump and the Russians together. 3. Prince risked perjury charges to hide what Dmitriev wanted with Trump.


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      PP... Great rundown thanks...

      My red flag came up back here in November.

      "Pragmatic" ... Hahahahaha...

      Russian fund chief hails ‘pragmatic’ Trump


      PP... and comments... cool



      I'm watching Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) right now - coincidence? A different time, but much the same thing.

      16 minutes ago new WaPo headline story:

      Mueller gathers evidence that 2017 meeting was effort to establish back channel to Kremlin

      A witness cooperating with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has told investigators the meeting in Seychelles was set up in advance so that a representative of the Trump transition team could meet with an emissary from Moscow to discuss future relations between the two countries, people familiar with the matter said.

      with this link below:

      Analysis: What Mueller appears to be investigating

      Ducky, this is SUPERB!

      I guess I am just two days late.

      I watch Seder and Cenk and Pacman and.... who cares.

      Prince just kills me. No kidding.

      The Black Prince will end up as some legend or fairy tale.

      Well done!


      Ducky, could you imagine the time when the repubs would laud the Ruskies?


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