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    Cristiano Ronaldo finally disappears – Spain-Portugal World Cup Analysis

    Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo gets a bit of a bad rep. How many other players have been openly booed during the World Cup in South Africa. I can understand, of course. He’s too good-looking and too aware of it. He’s arrogant. He’s really, really good. And he’s always up in your face. Yes, Ronaldo is Europe’s answer to a Kardashian sister, but with talent and accomplishments. Be it ads, interviews, feature stories or tabloid stories, Cristiano Ronaldo is all up in your face.

    Except for 90 minutes against Spain. For Ronaldo detractors, it must have been a blissful time. For long stretches of time, I was equally as influential on Portugal’s 1-0 loss to Spain as Ronaldo. Blame it on the formation or Spain’s dominance, or the (rather hideous number of) bad calls against him, but Ronaldo looked afraid to upset a church mouse on the pitch.

    So Ronaldo detractors, I know you’ll be living in a Ronaldo-dominated world soon again. But for 90 minutes Sunday, you got to enjoy life without Cristiano Ronaldo.


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    Sounds like you have a thing for him. : -/

    Quit being a dick, Dad.

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