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    Miracle on Grass! U.S. advances in World Cup on Landon Donovan's last-minute goal

    Landon Donovan

    As injury time was running out, Landon Donovan buried a goal to send the U.S. past Algeria, 1-0. With the win, the U.S. advances to the 2010 World Cup knockout round. Two thoughts:

    1) I am forever sorry about writing this post about Donovan.

    2) As my Brazilian wife said: "Can't you Americans do anything without making it a movie?"

    I suppose not. A brilliant performance by the U.S., which goes into the knockout round confident and motivated. Just a great World Cup match.

    Update: For those that would like to see Donovan's goal. Over and over again:




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    Let me be the first to write, WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    My wife and I were jumping around like idiots. Very happy idiots.

    I was jumping around all by myself, which is even more idiotic. My girlfriend is out of the country, and I'm holed up alone in country to finish the book--with no TV and a sporadic internet connection, which fortunately decided to play nice at the climactic moment. Anyway, it was a great finish that happily mooted the referee interferences. Next stop--quarterfinals.

    USA! USA!

    OK, maybe I was getting ahead of myself with the quarterfinals thing. But it sounds a lot better than "Next stop--round 16."

    Yeah, with everything on the line, that was a pretty spectacular finish. I'd bet soccer just got a whole lot more popular in the States. I'm happy for you -- and even for England, which seems to finally getting its shit together. They were looking a bit France-like for a while.

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