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    Will Obama give $1.4 million Nobel Prize to GOP so they can afford Web site?

    When President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, many noted that it came with a $1.4 million prize. What would Obama do with it? Well, while a variety of charities will likely get the money, it’s apparent that the GOP could use some of the money so that they and Michael Steele can have a $1.4-million Web presence:

    The recent relaunch of GOP.com featured a miniature animated Michael Steele begging for money and an appropriation of the ghost of Jackie Robinson and was the most comically awful thing in the history of the internet. The cost: $1.4 million.

    The Sunlight Foundation’s Real Time Investigations blog looked up the Republican National Committee’s most recent FEC filing and found that they spent $1.4 million web sites and services over the past six months, the period during which Steele was blueskying names for his new “What Up” blog on the snazzy new site, which went live earlier this month.

    Apparently, the fancy design chosen by Republicans cost them $300,000 with the rest used to pay back political bedfellows. Or something. Still, is $1.4 million too much to pay for a tiny Michael Steele to walk across your screen when you go to GOP.com?

    Sadly, however, Steele’s blog is no longer titled “What up?” and is now called “Change the Game.” I guess keeping the old title was too expensive.



    I thought the title was funny, until I read that they actually spent $1.4 million. Genghis is working for the wrong crowd.

    The GOP should ask for their money back. I didn't see any tiny Michael Steele walking across my Mac. It's probably an ActiveX thing.

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