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Oh, Capitalism!

You are, my dear capitalism, the best method we have for allocating resources to productive use, for creating wealth and for helping people meet most of their needs, most of the time.

But, seriously?

A restaurant for dogs?

And this just after I saw a cooking show about private chefs making dog food for rich people's pets?

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The Mighty, Mighty Fed

Yesterday, under the cover of darkness, while I was drinking bourbon, Deadman called me a lunatic for suggesting that the U.S.

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Friedman Forever!

The last couple of weeks have been quite interesting in the world of Friedman.  On October 24th he wrote an insulting column where he exhorted Americans that “We’re in the age of “extra,” and everyone has to figure out what extra they can add to their work to justify being paid more than a computer, a Chinese worker or a day laborer.”

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Just Desserts

I'm very sorry that I'm about to pile on Obama again.  But I'll keep it short.  And really, it's less about Obama than about the mood of the country at this point.  Via Atrios I give you a transcript of Obama talking to bloggers about the economy.  I should preface this by saying that it's an awesome thing that we have a President who talks to people of all walks in such a reasoned and open way.  But search for the word "deserve" and read the paragraphs around those words and then reread cmaukonen's post about the

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Don't Worry, People Will Lose Their Homes!

I know you're all very concerned that some people who should lose their homes won't or that they won't lose their homes in a timely enough fashion.  Don't worry.  People will be homeless.  Our banks and government will see to it that miscreants are punished.  The Market, wronged deity that it is, will not be mocked.  It demands justice and homelessness.

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For You All To Read

I'll leave this for you without much comment.  I don't agree with everything he says here but he is our Brecht and some of you will really appreciate this, I just know it.

Enjoy!  If anyone wants to discuss I'll be sure to lurk in the comments.

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Dying To Get Out Of CVS Pharmacy

So what do you all think was really going on here?

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The Know Your Lender Act Of 2011

There is no "Know Your Lender Act Of 2011" but the great and ongoing discussion at Dr.

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An Elitist Takes On Obama

Subject: While You Were Not Elite H/T: Atrios.

(A complete, paragraph by paragraph rebuttal to Time’s Mark Halperin.

Barack Obama is being politically crushed in a vise. From above, by elite opinion about his competence. From below, by mass anger and anxiety over unemployment. And it is too late for him to do anything about this predicament until after November's elections.

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We Have Work To Do!

I just ordered my Kindle edition of Blowing Smoke, which will be delivered by October 10th.  Can't wait to read it.  Couldn't help but notice that there are no user reviews for the book on Amazon yet.  I definitely plan to write one after I consume some book but, come on...


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