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Silly, Silly Other Countries

Every now and then Atrios has a short post that says something like "Silly, Silly, Japan - hostile to immigration."  His point, so much as it needs explanation, is how often we criticize other countries for acting stupidly and making obvious mistakes that only serve to make life worse abroad than it is here at home, where everything is great.

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Whiny, Whiny, Centrists

The mushy middle has spoken and the bipartisanship that we saw during the extraordinarily productive lame duck congressional session just won’t do.  Yes, that’s right.  The very people who have been agitating for both parties to “reach across the aisle” are not happy with the way in which it was done.

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Work, You Wretches!

Meanwhile, back over at TPMCafe, Jon Taplin makes an interesting argument in his post "Merchants Of Fear."  Two, actually.  The first is that some people, especially peddlars of gold and survivalist rations, are purposefully overselling the state of American decline in order to make a buck.  Granted.  But then there's this:

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Assange, Irony and Secrets

I agree that hearing Julian Assange's lawyers outrage that leaked information pertaining to the rape charges against him should have never been made public is funny.  I also agree with David Seaton that politics is politics and that anything that makes Assange look like a hypocrite is bad news for him.  In the game he's playing image is important.  You can't be for the release of all secrets except for your own.  All absolutists find their petards hoisted sooner

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The Mandate Stinks Anyway

While I’m definitely not for the GOP ironically using the courts to reverse Obama’s signature accomplishment, I’ve never been a believer in the morality or necessity of the health insurance mandate.

First, I’m skeptical because the industry demanded it.  Obviously anyone in the business of selling a product would love to have the government declare that everyone must buy it.  I’m sure Burger King would say yes to a whopper mandate.

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A Constitutional Amendment I'd Like To See

Even though the U.S. Constitution is a short and plainly worded document, I have to admit that I’m not as familiar with it as I should be.  So last night I went through it looking for this filibuster that has made the Senate completely useless for the last decade.  It’s not in there.

“Ah ha!”  I said, startling my 8 month old son, who then became less startled and went back to banging his hands on the coffee table.

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Obama's Stimulus Wins

Ultimately, I'm not as mad about the tax compromise as I thought I'd be because I think Obama won some pretty effective stimulus even though it preserves a tax structure that will continue to encourage wealth to accumulate at the top of the economy.

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Also Speaking Of China...

Robert Reich wrote this in 1991 (edited to get to the point):

"America may choose another nemesis to replace the Soviet empire....Japan comes immediately to mind....The precise nature of this threat – surely not nuclear annihilation – is never fully explained, but the implication is clear: unless we stop them, the Japanese will eventually control us."

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The Whatever-Partisan Commission On Economic Progress

The President's fiscal commission has failed to generate a plan that won the support of 14 of 18 of its members, as directed.  Three Republican Senators on the commission voted for it, so the ideas in the commissions report might still egt an airing in the Senate but it won't be some up or down vote without amendments.  Which is fine.  I never understood why this issue should be treated differently than any other, screwy as I think senate rules are.


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