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Oh No, Tom Friedman Again!

Damn you, Red Planet!  I almost forgot to read Friedman this morning.  I was having such a happy day but now I've read this.  Actually, the all-knowing mustache makes a pretty good point that we should seek to compete with China and other economies by encouraging America's well-educated, creative and driven individuals to follow their bliss in new and hopefully lucrative directions.

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Left vs. Right Is Over?

In my last career I was fortunate to be able to get to know Barry Ritholtz.  I reviewed his excellent "Bailout Nation" back in 2009 and did a nice Q&A with him soon after.  But enough about me and Barry.  I really want you all to read what he has to say here:

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The Power Of The President

In this week's "New Yorker" former Vice President Walter Mondale, who has a book out, draws comparisons between Obama and Carter (ultimately concluding that Obama has many political strengths Carter lacked) and says something interesting (paraphrase): "When people lose their jobs or can't keep their house they become irrational.  They lash out. They expect the president to do something." The whole, short article is here.

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Bodybuilding Buffalo Bilkers

Ever wonder how "welfare queen" stories get started?  Over at Time's Swampland, I think we saw one get born.  Joe Klein, on the road searching for the soul of America or something, decided to uncritically and unskeptically relay a tale told to him by Mark Kirkwood, a resident of the Detroit area.

Kirkwood had a classic welfare queen story to tell:

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Muslims Need To Speak Up!

I don't usually care what Marty Peretz of The New Republic has to say.  I just usually dismiss him as a crazy old coot and perhaps some one past his intellectual prime.  So, whatevs.

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What Is Going On Out There (A Koranamania Post)

So I try to take a little break from politics and what happens?  A Radical Christian Cleric decides to throw himself a Koran burning in Gainesville, Florida.  Actually, he announced it a long time ago and when I first saw the headline about it on Gawker I was absolutely livid because I misread it as "Korean Burning."  Burning Koreans is just wrong.

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Bill Gates: Hypocrite?

This is pretty awful.

So Microsoft overpaid severance to some laid off workers and has the gall to go to them and ask for it back?

This really erases any good feelings I may have had for Bill Gates based on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation work. I think before Bill gives another dime to charity he should show that he can take better and more humance care of his employees.

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Getting Weird At The Cafe

Sorry if bringing Cafe complaints here is a little off-putting but the current discussion of the Reagan book "Tear Down This Myth" has really taken an odd turn when two Reaganites joined the fray.  The worst of them is Stephen Knott, a professor at the Naval War college who believes that: Reagan had nothing to do with Iran-Contra and that congressional oversight into Iran-Contra weakened our intelligence services to the point that they helped pave the way for 9/11.  He didn't say all that in his posts but I did a little research.


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