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Let My Tax Cuts Go

I agree with Atrios here and maybe take it a step further.  The Republicans specifically designed tax cuts that expire in 2011.  So Obama should let them go.

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Stupid Americans

It seems that the mainstream reaction to the latest from Wikileaks has been something along the lines of, "this isn't new," by which the speaker means either that they already knew this stuff or always suspected it and that there's no value in having their suspicions confirmed by evidence.  If the speaker already knew, it just means they're fine keeping the public in the dark about how foreign policy is conducted.  But the second sentiment, along the lines of "didn't you always think Karzai was corrupt?" or "Didn't you always suspect that the Saudis would love for us to bomb Iran?" is reall

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The End Of Retirement

A few years ago I was at the Investment Company Institute’s annual conference where I watched a presentation by some company called Age Wave about the future of retirement.  Age Wave is run by Ken Dychtwald, a businessy guru “thought leader” type who sells consulting services to companies that want to take a long view of d

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See Me, Hear Me, Touch Me, Feel Me.

While I am of course completely against the TSA's unneccessarily intrusive scanning technology or patdown opt-outs, I think I'm a little sick of the sudden rise of Libertarians who were silent for years while the Bush administration decided to datamine through all of our emails, library records and phone conversations while sending undercover agents to infiltrate peacenik groups and other informal elements of civil society.

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The Greatest Scandal Of Our Time

So the "soldiers out of Afghanistan" date is now... 2014.  We're spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year on this and we will continue to do so until at least 2014 and probably beyond.  This while I'm being told that Social Security benefits have to be cut because we're broke.

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The President Owns Everything

I keep seeing "President Obama's Bipartisan Deficit Reduction Committee" references in headlines and news articles.  I also see left leaning commenters lament the political disaster this is.  On one hand, I can see this from Obama's point of view.  Sure, he formed the committee and picked its members so it is, in that sense, "his."  But he formed the committee and chose the members so that they could put together a proposal for the rest of us to contend with.  It's "Obama's" in the sense that he hired these people.  But it's their work.  That's a subtle but reasonable distincting.  Those of

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Oh, Capitalism!

You are, my dear capitalism, the best method we have for allocating resources to productive use, for creating wealth and for helping people meet most of their needs, most of the time.

But, seriously?

A restaurant for dogs?

And this just after I saw a cooking show about private chefs making dog food for rich people's pets?

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The Mighty, Mighty Fed

Yesterday, under the cover of darkness, while I was drinking bourbon, Deadman called me a lunatic for suggesting that the U.S.

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Friedman Forever!

The last couple of weeks have been quite interesting in the world of Friedman.  On October 24th he wrote an insulting column where he exhorted Americans that “We’re in the age of “extra,” and everyone has to figure out what extra they can add to their work to justify being paid more than a computer, a Chinese worker or a day laborer.”

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Just Desserts

I'm very sorry that I'm about to pile on Obama again.  But I'll keep it short.  And really, it's less about Obama than about the mood of the country at this point.  Via Atrios I give you a transcript of Obama talking to bloggers about the economy.  I should preface this by saying that it's an awesome thing that we have a President who talks to people of all walks in such a reasoned and open way.  But search for the word "deserve" and read the paragraphs around those words and then reread cmaukonen's post about the


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