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Of Envy and Upside

In the discussion of  "overpaid"  Public Service workers, some one compared them with young lawyers carrying a  heavy debt load acquired on the way to passing the bar. And wondered whether those lawyers might resent the PS workers.  Or vice versa (I  wondered).

Let us assume that Joe Taxclerk might be fairly confident that some day he'll reach $60K/year. And young Sally Lawyer might hope to reach that - but can't be as sure as Joe.

There is no fiscal crisis

There's a political one. We have to stop electing supply side republicans.

Collective Bargaining should be a constitutional Right.

That's my position. To which no doubt a popular response will  be: who cares?

Probably law schools expend millions of class hours exploring the criteria for any "right" even to  be worth considering for elevation to that level ... I say "probably" not actually knowing never having eased my anatomy into a seat in a law school ampitheatre.  So I'll happily  stipulate the subject is above my grade of pay. Before  proceeding  to discuss it.

The News from all over-

Excerpts from one day's copy of the FT

"Europe looks depressing. When you go to Asia ...they are always talking abut how they can make more money.......... Jurisdictions that are planning to require their banks to.......guard against another crisis ..will see higher risk activities migrate elsewhere. CEO of UBS


Repeat after me "Unions protect workers"

Polls seem to show that the unions are winning the PR war over collective bargaining by public service employees. No thanks to the media.

Joe Lunchpail probably dislikes Obama and thinks the Government's spending too much  on Welfare. But he knows how things work on the shop floor. Where the boss says the day ends when he says it ends, And only pays as much as he's forced to by the law or the contract.

As to the law, Joe may not follow politics that closely but he knows what the Republicans think about regulation. 

Ramona asks

But seriously, how bad are the regulations here in the U.S?  Does anybody really know?  Is it a case of any regulation being a bad regulation?


Well yes as far as Industry is concerned. 

Unless they're universal.




"We've got a choice between manufacturing in Mexico - or America" Chairman of 3M.

Here's a longer version. From today's Financial Times:

There is a sense among companies that this is a difficult place to do business. It is about regulation,taxation,seemingly anti-business policies .... Politicians forget that business has choice. We're not indentured servants and we will do business where it's good and friendly. ..... We've got a real choice between manufacturing in Canada and Mexico - which tend to be pro-business - or America"



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