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Corporate myths.

1. Corporate ceo' s are changing how they run their companies in order to defeat Obama in 2012.

Get him out of there

In 1960 Bobby Kennedy was addressing a lunch/rally in Cincinnati  when in the middle of some comments about the impact of religious prejudice on Jack's campaign.  His voice broke and he began crying. 

Palin will win in 2012


Sweep the primaries leaving a gaggle of standard issue republican polls in her dust.

Pick an establishment running mate. Patraeus anyone?

Acquit herself fine in debates with Obama. I've seen the tapes of her Alaskan gubernatorial debates. She won. Informed, sensible , sell assured. And

The Reps can't defund Obamacare

by itself.

We know what Gingrich did. They won't repeat that.

They could try and do a mini version of that by eliminating the funding for  a specific department but I think they'd get a mini version of the Gingrich reaction

Otherwise the House,by itself,can't reach down within a department and order some specific action.


Had an appointment Wednesday with a doc who's a democrat.Very interested in politics, very smart. Husband is a reporter for the Times and one of her patients is the chief of staff of a well known very liberal dem.

The doc told the C.O. S. she had studied the health care bill and is unable to understand it. The chief of staff said neither could he.

Obama's perhaps fatal flaw is too much Adlai Stevenson and too little Ross Perot.  

La Ronde

The media are projecting dem losses when the newly elected republican governors preside over the redistricting.

Maybe not.

Mostly we've lost the State Houses where we had very few representatives to protect. Conversely there's an encouraging list of battleground states which had Republican governors in 2001 and will have a dem this time.

We're making it too complicated

If unemployment had been 4.5% Tuesday Pelosi would be Speaker next session. No matter what Obama had done during the last two years.

If it's 9.5% two years from now it will be a Republican sweep no matter what he does during the next two.

Anyone disagree?



Even Homer nods

The FT has many virtues. A defect which partially offsets them however is giving Christopher Caldwell a platform for a Saturday column for which meritricious would be too flattering an adjective.
Could Caldwell really be Dinesh D'Souza (thanks SleepinJeezus)in disguise ?

Where are ...............?

In today's Guardian a letter appeared about  the death sentence passed upon Tariq Aziz :Excerpts:

We do not question the guilt of Mr Aziz in respect of the crimes for which he has been convicted. ......................

Juan Williams

should not have been fired.

With respect to his fear when he sees someone in traditional muslim garb board his plane, that seems like an honest observation. Should he have said it pleases him?

With respect to his comment that we are at the beginning of a long lasting conflict with a militant muslim movement,that seems like a widely shared geopolitical judgement(Not mine BTW) rather than bias against a particular group.


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