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Ramona asks

But seriously, how bad are the regulations here in the U.S?  Does anybody really know?  Is it a case of any regulation being a bad regulation?


Well yes as far as Industry is concerned. 

Unless they're universal.




"We've got a choice between manufacturing in Mexico - or America" Chairman of 3M.

Here's a longer version. From today's Financial Times:

There is a sense among companies that this is a difficult place to do business. It is about regulation,taxation,seemingly anti-business policies .... Politicians forget that business has choice. We're not indentured servants and we will do business where it's good and friendly. ..... We've got a real choice between manufacturing in Canada and Mexico - which tend to be pro-business - or America"

Brad delong provides some facts on health insurance.

From Donna Dubinsky in the NY Times on Feb 20

Money Won’t Buy You Health Insurance: THIS isn’t the story of a poor family ,,,,,,,,,, Unlike many others, my family can afford medical care...... this is a story about how broken the market for health insurance is,.....................................

When can a State renege on a commitment?

When it negotiates a government employee pension

Among the media voices who discussed Wisconsin today - on Diane Rehm, on Brian Lehrer, on All-Things-Considered - the consensus was that Wisconsin Governor Walker had no choice but to gut public employee pensions and emasculate the unions because Wisconsin is in a desperate condition.

NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings assigns an 'AA' rating to $428.74 million in State of Wisconsin (the state) general obligation (GO) bonds of 2011, series A.

Oh, Lord . Time for another boring lecture

... on the social security trust fund.

What it isn't: a lot of cash.

What it is: two columns of numbers.

Structural Unemployment

ain't happening. 

Brad DeLong, boringly providing facts to the masses (i.e. people like me) provides Paul Krugman providing a couple of paragraphs (go ahead, you can read them) that demonstrate we aren't suffering from structural unemployment which has to be tolerated until every first grader has learned Chinese. Or something.

We're just suffering from ............ unemployment. 

Money isn't everything.. Until the bank fails.

Cmaukonen today
Those that are struggling to make it are not going to listen to some ones ideas if these ideas come from people who ................................... pull in 6 figure salaries and justify to the nines their right to do so

And rightly so

I'd be hypocritical if I did not comment that most of those I know earning a 6 figure salaries are justified to claim it's justified..



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