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    Why I haven't been here

    Just a quick note/excuse for falling down on the headline job.  About a month ago I fell splat on a ceramic tile floor and broke my nose. Going today to see what the ENT guys wants to do about it.  I also have meniscus tears in both knees and something about ATL?  APL? ACL?  (Not an athlete and this is my first real fall.) Have an appt with the ortho surgeon in a couple of weeks.

    We've finished up our winter stint and have moved back home but I'm moving slower than I'm used to and I don't damn like it! 

    My brain is still in gear--or as much as it ever was--but I'm too distracted to write more than a few short posts on Facebook.  That's gonna change!

    I'm sorry for neglecting Dagblog and honestly will try to do better.  Love you guys!

    (PS:  Just because this comes off a bit whiney, please don't waste your time feeling sorry for me.  That's not what this is about.  And I ain't dead yet!)




    How awful.  I hope you're feeling better Ramona.

    That's okay - I've taken up the slack doing lots of posting and splainin' for you. Get well soon - the site's going downhill fast....

    The fine art of taking up the slack. . .  You could put that on your resume. 

    Slack. I studied under the Church of Bob. Certified Sub-genius. CV like that opens doors, I tell you.

    Get better

    Hang in there Ramona.

    Without you I aint got much.

    I recall being my thirties. Things have changed.

    And my son, who is in his thirties will relate his new afflictions to me. The thing is that I have been in my thirties and he has not been in his sixties. hahahah

    I awoke with these terrible pains in my wrists this week, especially so in my right hand.

    I gave it three days and it went away.

    Hang in there Ramona.

    ALL THINGS WILL PASS, except for too much cheese of course.

    Hang in there.

    Thank you, Richard.  That wrist thing. . .carpal tunnel?  I've getting so good at this doctoring thing I may hang out my shingle.  I've never had shingles, but I've had chicken pox.  A pox is not a good thing, especially when it's on both your houses.  (I've been studying you.)

    Nah, the pain went into my hand and up my arms and...

    Was it a strain or was it a sprain or did I break something.


    I evidently had another small seizure during sleep time.. I know because of the tongue test.

    anyway it is all gone now.

    You take care.

    And this pox thingy...



    i am being satirical of course, but I just got off the phone with my son yesterday and it takes everything I got to keep him worrying about nothin.

    Worrying about nothin is my job.


    You take care, Richard.  But what is the tongue test?

    I have been having seizures for almost 25 years.

    These seizures are responsible for my disbarment; the medicine was the cause for all of this along with other factors I am sure.

    I had major seizures back in the early '90's.

    And the medicine just made me crazy.

    I mean I never killed anyone or broke into a bank or anything.

    But my mind really really disabled me.

    The tongue test has to do with the pain and swelling in my tongue. I would have bit my tongue!

    My immediate problem relates to my immediate pain upon waking up.

    I only have minor seizures these days and I only experience these problems once every couple three months.

    But the medicine only made it worse.

    But about the pox.

    Any time I aint feeling sure of some things, I am sure I am going to die. hahahahahahah

    ​If I have the flu, then I know I have antrax. hahahahaha

    That was my only point. I am always sure that whatever the problem or whatever the fear of future problems, I am going to die soon. hahahahah

    And yet I wake up to a new day.

    I am fine.

    I hope you are fine!

    It is the fear that some new malady might attack me.

    But give it three days, and the fear goes away..


    By the way, I have nice dreams also



    I'm so sorry!  Sounds like quite the ordeal.  I'm glad the seizures are rare now but I can see why you would be a little jumpy about anything out of order. 

    I have my good days and bad days with pain, mostly in my knees, even before my fall, but I try to keep using them.  It's a rare day when I'm actually incapacitated, but some days it takes me longer to get around than others.  I guess that's why I was so giddy about doing that mile yesterday.  Granted, it took a while, with many stops to smell the flowers or just look around, but after my fall I was afraid I wouldn't be my old self again. (And I do mean OLD!)  So even though it hurt a bit it felt pretty good!

    Sort of like waking up in the morning to find you're not dead!  Ha!

    Suck it up, you wuss!

    Always trying to cheer me up.  You're too sweet!

    Ramona, remember that Mike W has real problems and he is attempting to deal with them.

    And I really think all these problems relate to his mother who was caught up on the Empire State Building with this large monkey.

    At any rate I have been reading a lot of Freud lately, a guy who really never knew how to spell his name correctly...

    What was the question again?

    I am always, in the end stuck with this song. hahahaha

    So sorry to hear about this Ramona. My husband and I have had some serious falls, and we keep saying that we're going to be more careful. But we've both fallen again recently. Old age is not for sissies. 

    I do hope your recovery is swift, uneventful, and as painless as possible!  Take care! 

    Thanks, CVille.  The ENT doc said it looks like these old bones are healing nicely (at least that one bone in my nose).  My septum deviated a bit but not so bad that I can't live with it.  Treatment is a nasal spray to open up the passages and if that doesn't work, then we'll talk.  Sounds good to me.  I have a feeling the talking is over.  At least from my side.  Ha!

    Ramona, between my fractured right shoulder and its subsequent replacement, fractured left scapula. broken left leg, avulsion fractures of the right hand, and all the stuff you are facing, I can say that I just only hope that you feel better soon.  The truth is, we all really need to be super careful about falls.  

    I'm thinking you are going to do fine.  I sure hope so~!

    I'm going to be fine.  It was a gorgeous day and after we left the clinic we hiked more than a mile over hill and dale today.  Me and my guy, why is five years older than me.  We goofed around like little kids, so happy that we were still able to do it. 

    Now, tomorrow may be something else. . .

    But we did it.

    So take that, meniscus.  What ever the hell you are.

    CVille, all that happened to you?  Wow, I'm so sorry.  This broken nose is about the extent of it for me, except for that time they had to break my tailbone in order to deliver my last child, who decided to try to come out backwards.  Lol.

    Yes, it all happened to me, but not all at once!

    But, still. . .  That's quite a history.   Watch your step from now on!

    I'd be saying, hey doc is there any way we can also remove the bags under my eyes and write this off to necessary ENT surgery?

    Oh wait this isn't about me is it, hope all goes well Mona!

    No kidding, Teri, I thought about that, too, and forgot to ask him!  Now I'm stuck with them.  Damn.

    Get better. The young-ins have all this to look forward to---tile, slippery surfaces, throw rugs, all hazards.

    I designed and built a bath house for myself, trying to use soft wood surfaces---cedar is great, soft, forgiving and impervious to splashing water. I cracked a kneecap once getting into the soaking tub so got a pair of knee pads that I keep nearby, just in case.

    Lol, Oxy. We do learn to be resourceful.  The ones who didn't aren't here anymore.  La la la la la.




    And Quinn's gonna move to Canada. Or further north in Canada. Or sumtin.

    Been fully occupied  with a family member who needed/needs help.Have just surfaced from that so let me belatedly join all the others above in their expressions of their love for you.


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