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William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – Keep Your Hands to Yourselves

No touching!!!


Boy Scouts: Firing of Gay troop leader continues a fine history of discrimination

DADT: Yesterday, if you were openly Gay or Lesbian you could enlist in the U.S. military. Not today, however.

Nancy Pelosi: The SPeaker of the House spent two years taming the House of Representatives and passing anything she wanted. And some fellow Democrats aren't happy about that.

Islamaphopia: Fox News "liberal" Juan Williams fears Muslims, gets fired by NPR.

Afghanistan: We're killing Talibaners while terror attacks are "imminent."

Toyota: Another 1.5 million recalls.

Selling Out: The U.S. sells $60 billion worth of F-15s and more to the Saudis. No way this could backfire in the future.

Constitutional Experts?: The Tea Party talks Constitution but doesn't really understand it.

Funny Can Be Hazardous: The Jon Stewarts of the world walk a fine line.

Horse Racing: The media continues to tout Republicans:


MLB Playoffs: Yankees & Giants get wins as race to World Series winds down.

Out of the Penthouse: If the world seems less creepy today, it's because Bob Guccione died.


Corrente: Where's the outrage?

Flavius: We get so soon old and so late smart.

Alicublog: Won't someone think of the bankers?

The Sideshow: What do you do with a problem like Obama?

Ian Welsh: No the rich aren’t like you.



Of course, sometimes it's good to score.


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Drum roll please! RE: Keeping your Hands to yourself....

That isn't what you said to your wife last night.

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