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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Can't Gitmo Satisfaction


    The next Gitmo detainee patiently awaits his turn at justice.


    OMG! Terrorists: Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani convicted on only one of 285 charges. That's good enough for 20 years to life, of course, but expect to see Liz Cheney this weekend explaining why the American Justice system is an utter failure.

    Gitmo Gaffe: Obama played Gitmo about as poorly as he could.

    Socialism Works!: GM explodes back onto Wall Street.

    Democracy Works!: Lisa Murkowski's write-in voters steamroll Joe Miller in Alaska.

    Assange in Trouble: The Swedish authorities want to talk to Wiki-Leaks mastermind Julian Assange about his involvement in a rape.

    TSA Questions

    "Is that a String hanging out your vagina or a fuse?"


    Ewan McIntosh: What is a community? Let Ewan know.

    Radar Online: Eva Longoria wasn't quite enough for Tony Parker.

    Stuart Shapiro: Warren Buffet sends his thanks to the government.

    David Seaton: Haitian cholera: opening soon in theaters near you... not.

    Outside the Beltway: Investigative journalism, RIP.


    A tortured reality


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    The Ghailani trial should be evidence for more civilian trials, yes?  Such different standards for evidence in military tribunals. 

    The Shapiro piece sadly wasn't snark, I guess.  Guess Liberals loved Buffet when he quipped about his maid paying more taxes than he did.  Now I know he gave a fortune to the Gates foundation, but his NYT op-ed was...uh...sadly mistaken about the help that TARP was.  Now if he meant help to the banks, we could understand.  But what he left out was 90% of the fraud, pension loss, massive job loss, and now the MERS debacle...and his 20% ownership of Moody's, one of the credit ratings agencies where you could purchase a triple-A rating for bundles of ....uh...CRAP and JUNK. 

    Nice job, Warren; so glad to see Obama is about to give you and George H.W. Bush Medals of Freedom.  Christ in a Cadillac.

    (Can't watch the Gitmo video yet, Wolfrum.)

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