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    star wars yoga
    Sure, Star Wars Yoga sounds fun, but it’s a one-way ticket to Hell.


    Yoga Kills: A Southern Baptist pastor makes it clear – stretching and breathing calmly will not be tolerated in God’s kingdom.

    The toxic sludge is slowing, but the damage isn’t.

    Afghanistan: Death.

    Mid-Terms: It’s all about jobs.

    N.Korea: Kim Jong Un to keep N.Koreans under his boot now. It’s a family thing.

    Not Stimulating: Hey, the rich are getting richer, thus the economy is fine and more stimulus would be silly. Just build some more prisons, is all.

    Dobbsian Hypocrisy: Lou Dobbs rails against undocumented workers and those that employee them. Also, Lou Dobbs employed undocumented workers. That’s how these things work.

    Job Hunting

    Hunter S. Thompson: When he wanted a job, he just asked. In his own way.


    The Frisky: Femin-Its — When a regular memo is part of the patriarchy.

    Truth Wins Out: More Republican Sexual shenanigans.

    Matt Osbourne: The Politics of Rationalization.

    Wattree: The Pledge of Allegiance: A wish list at best.

    Juan Cole: Sen. Carl Levin says the U.S. is paying insurgents to attack the U.S. Also: War didn’t seem to feed hungry Iraqis or Afghans.

    Farting In Your General Direction

    Monty Python Letter
    Thank goodness the boys at Monty Python never cared much for censors.


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    I'd like to lose the shits too, but some things are just a part of aging. And politics.

    Quinn, you without the shits would be like Mega-Shark without an airplane in his mouth. It just wouldn't be natural.

    Which is what gives the power to "I fart in your general direction."

    Yoga not Christian?!  Why on earth would we want to stop people doing a bit of relaxation on the basis that the 'positions are not very Christian'?  Is there nothing the church won't try to mess with?  RobertJP

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