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    Penis in Weiner pic to get Reality Show with Donald Trump

    Hey, you heard it here first at the site that specializes in the hottest entertainment news! It seems The Penis in the Anthony Weiner Penis Pic Controversy has accepted a spot on a new reality show with Donald Trump!

    The title of the show will be "Trump & The Junk"and highlight the pair's wacky shenanigans around New York and the world, trying to raise awareness for Donald Trump.

    "The Trump name needs to be associated with junk of this quality," said a source close to Trump. " It's just the natural progression of things. Donald will ride this penis as long and as hard as he can."

    Sources said The Penis is excited working with Trump and that he feels the two share simple agendas. Sources add that The Penis is also thrilled to have a chance to show that he is more than just a media creation that has no basis in fact.

    "He knows Trump comes with some baggage, but he's willing to stick his neck out," said the source. "He knows people are ready to see him in action."


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    Well, Wolfie; as usual, you are way out a-head of this issue, but don't get all puffed up about it!

    I have a bad feeling that Congress will circumcise this Weiner.

    I suppose the 'climax' of the show will be Trump telling the penis, "You've fired."

    The success or failure of this depends on the position taken.

    BTW, DKos has a timeline of how Breitbart, or someone, made this weiner appear to appear on Weiner's twitter:


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