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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – August 4, 2010

    If Bill Cosby would just remember that he made “Leonard Part 6,” maybe he’d rethink his stance on living.


    Iran: Many an Iranian will look back to this day as the day someone almost killed Ahmadinehad.

    Oil Spill: Static Kill appears to be working, says BP. No one sure any longer what any of this means. We’ll have to wait for Operation Slapping Translator. Until then, just assume everything is just fine.

    Triceratops: No, there was no Triceratops. Deal with it.


    Eva Mendes: Finally, Eva Mendes Sex Tape has hit the market. It’ll probably do better than the Elena Kagan Sex Tape, I’d think.

    Levi Johnston: Did the Withholder of Wang “play” Bristol Palin? Well, they’re broken up again. They’re like the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of a new generation. Except that Taylor and Burton at least had something to offer society. In the end, however, this is great news for John McCain.


    Stop Beck: On Twitter, it seems Glenn Beck has found some of his favorite white nationalist pals.

    Something Awful: Stop trying to be Don Draper. Just stop.

    Emptywheel: A decision in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger Prop. 8 gay marriage case is to be issued tomorrow. Here’s what to expect.

    Heckler Spray: To update – Bill Cosby is not dead.

    Global Grind: Finally, some Birthday dopeness for President Barack Obama.

    You Think You Know Sesame Street?

    You Don’t.

    Medical Billing


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