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    Want A Smoky Drink?

    Hi there, come on in.  No, for heaven’s sake, don’t worry about that, just get in here … what difference does that make?  Too funny – whoever told you that was either projecting or just being an ass, you pick!  Yeah, I’m with ya on that one.  Anyway, get in here and have a seat somewhere while there’s still space.  What?  Oh, you’ll know if I kick you off … just kidding, you should know by now I’m always on the floor with a pillow.  Very funny, everybody.  Yeah, laugh it up at my expense.  See if you get anything to eat!  Oh, crap, that reminds me …. no, I have an extinguisher …. the fire department gave it to me for Christmas …. be right back!

    Okay, now that the smoke has cleared and we can see again, let’s get comfortable.  That’s perfect, thanks, hold it for me, will ya?  No, Still, the frig is not damaged, I swear.  I figure if it’s still glowing it’s working … what?  Really?  Are you sure?  I don’t think that’s right, but if you need to check then have at it!  Oh yeah, let me know later for sure …. I’m sooo interested.  Let’s all say goodbye to Still, now, ‘cause once she sees the inside of that frig she’ll be lost to us forever.   Anybody want a drink?  Slightly smoky anything is the theme for the night!

    What’s that?  Don’t you start that stuff … quick, someone put on some music!  Oh, I don’t care, when have I ever?  Anything that will take us away from today’s trials and tribulations … I did not!  Just ‘cause I said trials doesn’t mean I did!  Calm down, dude, it doesn’t matter.  Well, sure, but ………. does it always have to?  Do we always have to be?  Oh, yes, that’s a good one, very good choice.  Thanks, somebody!  Oh, it was you?  I’d never have guessed based on your … who threw that?  And where’s my smoke infused zin?  Oh, there it is, thanks.  No, she’s okay but we may never see her again … a moment of silence, please.  Not funny – that almost kinda hurt.  Cool song!

    Okay, gang, I get it.  It’s hard if not impossible to ignore the way things are today, to overlook presidential tweets … hell, to overlook the freaking President.  I know, I know … it’s not just the tweets, it’s everything.  And when it’s everything, it’s all-consuming.  And when we’re consumed, we’re … what the hell was that?  Still?  Okay, she’s just gotten to the vegetable bin and was a bit overwhelmed by the furry stuff that may or may not be recognizable, but she appears to be okay.  I think she brought her hazmat suit (she long ago learned to make it a habit when she stopped by), so she’s good.  Where were we?

    Oh, sure, aren’t you the smart one.  That song does not mean that and even if it does so what?  Who?  Yea!  You’re here!  Well, it’s about time you got your butt in one of my places to sit … what?  Well, maybe.  Or not.  But I gotta say that it’s fun to figure it out, don’t you think?  Me, too!  No, forget that, you’re on the floor with me.  Want a smoky drink?




    I kept wondering ... is it smoky or smokey?

    eta: when there's no bear involved.

    Maybe it's me, but having WaPo put up a piece today about Smokey Bear (no, no "the", apparently) is just weird. 

    It's election day in Minnesota, and I'm happy to say that I voted.  As much as we hoot and hollar about how people should care about the mid-terms ... if your chance has presented itself in a primary, did you take it?  And if it hasn't, as yet, are you prepared to not only vote but to be an informed voter?  Around these dagblog parts, I'm willing to bet that "yes" is the word of the day.  And that makes me proud.

    I raise my smoky glass to all of you.

    Tuesday, last week was primary day in Michigan. My state became the first in the nation to nominate Democrat women to the top three seats of office: Gretchen Whitmer for Governor, Jocelyn Benson for Sec. of State, and Debbie Stabenow for Senate. I'm holding good thoughts for Dems here in Michigan, mainly because recreational maryjane is on the ballot and it is expected to bring out all the hangers-back.

    No smoky drink for me. I'll just wait for the votes to be counted in November so I can go buy some legal pot.

    In the meantime:



    Yea for Michigan!!  (and positive thoughts for legal pot - there's smoke ... and then there's smoke)

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