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    Atheist promises to stick with Catholic Church during these ticklish times

    BRAZIL – Atheist blogger William K. Wolfrum – known primarily for posting pictures of his dogs – has come out in support of the Catholic Church today. A life-long Catholic, Wolfrum said it seemed that now was the time for him to “have the back” of his old faith.

    Even though I don’t believe in anything they preach and think they’re evil is no reason for me to abandon them now,” said Wolfrum, who has attended one Catholic Mass in the last two decades. “I’m no hater.”

    Recently, the Catholic Church had yet another massive scandal regarding abusing children in Ireland. Wolfrum said the allegations do not faze him.

    “I don’t have a child, but if I did, I wouldn’t let a Catholic Church within 20 miles of my child,” said Wolfrum, who is currently between facial hair styles – another popular blogging topic for him. “You really have to blame the parents.

    “It’s like the old story. A kid can’t get across the river, but there’s a Catholic Priest floating on his back in the water,” added Wolfrum. “The Priest offers to ride the kid to safety, promising not to molest him. Of course, the Priest does and says ‘what do you want from me, I’m a Catholic Priest.’”

    Wolfrum, who said he hasn’t tithed in more than two decades but remains a good Catholic as far as the Church is aware, added that the world was used to the Catholic Church and they were just going to have to accept the molestings.

    “The Catholic Church is an institution, and that will never change,” said Wolfrum. “Several hundred, or thousand abused children won’t change that.”



    It's pretty sad when you have to condemn parents in equal amounts for leaving the children in the care of priests, and/or Michael Jackson. At least Michael is dead, and I don't actually believe he was as malevolent as these priests or their enablers. It is one thing to be mentally ill. It is another to cover up a felony.

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