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    Curtain Down On The Trump Show Already. Please.

    I've got that thing again where my heart races and my belly hurts and I don't know whether those tears are from laughing or crying.  I'm craving chocolate, any kind will do, and I can't stop thinking the end of civilization as we know it is right around the corner or up the street or somewhere in Iowa.

    I go to sleep stressing and I wake up stressing.  Terrible things are going on in the world.  I should be stressing over them, and it could be that that's what's going on, but it feels like it's Donald Trump.

    He's doing this to me. I should stop listening to him. I should pretend I'm not living in a country where Donald Trump, of all people, could be a front-runner in a bid for the presidency.  I should stop waiting for him to mess up so badly there's no going back.  I should do that, but if I had that kind of self-control I wouldn't be a full-time self-unemployed political blogger on the liberal circuit.  Now would I?

    I'm a mess and it's all his fault.  I have succumbed to the slump I call Trump.  Donald Trump has entered my brain and if I don't get this down fast, my words will start sounding like a three-bean salad on a bed of spinach.  (I have no idea!  It just came out.  I'm telling you. . .)

    Just this week Donald Trump, the man who would be president (or Tony Soprano, depending on how he strikes you--not literally, of course, though that's not out of the question), told a Black Lives Matter activist/heckler at a public meeting to "get the hell outta here".  This was after the man had been pummeled to the ground and then kicked by one of Trump's goons supporters.  Trump then took to Fox News, and, in his best considered presidential tone, said the man was obnoxious and loud, so, "Yeah, maybe he shoulda been roughed up.  Because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing." 

    On Sunday he told George Stephanopoulos he has no problem with waterboarding because "it's peanuts compared to what 'they' do".  (Almost every Republican could be heard groaning.  Cheers, though, from Dick Cheney, who, until that moment, hadn't even considered pushing for the job of choosing Trump's vice president.)

    Then, with cameras still rolling, Trump assured Stephanopoulos that what he'd said the night before about seeing thousands and thousands of Arab people in New Jersey cheering as the World Trade Center came down was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

    George suggested in an adorably nice way that there are some--or maybe all--who can't find a single solitary bit of footage or eye-witness account that would make what Donald said even slightly true.  Donald chalked it up to reporters wanting to be politically correct, and George, not ever wanting to be branded a politically correct reporter (oh gawd no!), thanked him ever so kindly for his time.

    I watched that and breathed such a grateful sigh you wouldn't believe.  At last!  Caught in his own terrible lie!  Hoist[ed] with his own petard!  Stick a fork in him! He's done!

    But you know what happened, don't you?  Come on, admit it.  You know.

    Trump's poll numbers went up.  The crowds loved him even more.  Fifty five percent of likely Republican voters now say they would trust him over all other candidates to do the right thing about terrorism.  (What would he do about terrorists? Namely ISIS?  He would "bomb the shit out of them!" and take the oil. Yay!)

    He is a serial liar and is the number one choice among Republicans for the next president of the United States.  (These same people, so deathly afraid of refugee families fleeing for their lives, have no fear of a Donald Trump presidency.  No fear!  None at all!  But there I go again.)

    You know by now--because I keep telling you--I tend to take these things personally.   My America is not a plaything.  It's not a joke.  Turning my country over to a non-politician with no government experience would be punking of the worst kind.  But even thinking for one second of turning it over to a lying billionaire braggart who has a history of taking but not giving, who calls people ugly names and shuts up anyone who disputes him, who is such an embarrassment even countries with their own embarrassing characters can't believe we've topped them--that's insanity undisguised.

    There are horrifying things going on in the world.  Donald Trump's ascendancy into the heights of American politics isn't one of them.  I know and you know that he'll never become president,  (We know that, right?) but the people egging him on will still be out there, still wishing it had been Trump, and I will still have to live among them.  Festering.

    Once Trump is gone, the press, never ones to let an exploit pass, will be egging on Trump's people, pushing them to find someone equally entertaining. Because when it comes to American politics, there's no business like show business and, above all else, the show must go on.

    Well, curtain down already.  Footlights off.  Come out into the daylight.  It's a whole different world out here.
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    I feel ya' Mona. I can't hear 30 seconds from this orange haired baboon without getting dizzy, and I'm a guy who can maintain equilibrium notwithstanding the ingestion of heroic quantities of really, really potent hallucinogens.

    Hey, Jolly, good to see you here and in fine form.  I really have been coming off of a huge Trump trip, it seems. All that screaming (me) and wanting to pound breakable objects did nothing at all to Trump so I decided on my own I had to stop.

    I'm still not over it but I'm hoping I'll have enough sense not to keep inflicting him on people who are having their own problems with him.  That's just putting way too much power in his slimy mitts.

    I almost had a relapse today when I read that the press peeps following Trump are now complaining about the meanies on his staff not giving them enough access to the Great One. They've decided to band together to force Trump to let them in.   

    Is that crazy, or what?  All they have to do is threaten to stop covering him!  Boycott the bastard!  But, no.  They're figuring out ways to BE ON THE INSIDE INSTEAD OF THE OUTSIDE.  The press.



    speaking of hallucinations, visions of cheering jersey city Muslims dance in his head...I want some of what he's smokin'

    Me too. 

    I stay away from main street media.  I can't handle any of those Republican candidates. They can give Trump all the media time they want but I won't be watching.  Media is just kissing up to the GOP for all the ad money they are looking forward to. Even Huffpo has him in the entertainment section.  I like that because I can look at the headlines without looking at several pictures of his face.  

    I don't let the GOP upset me.  I just skip over all the articles and face book shares that I see with right wing nuttery.  It is the corporate Democrats that worry me. 


    if the Republicans win you won't have to worry about the "corporate Democrats", who,  in all honesty, will treat you far better than the Republicans ever would.  I'll keep an eye on the Republicans so you won't have to. Lol  

    They scare the hell out of me--which is why I feel the need to keep a sharp eye on them.  No telling what they'll do if we're not watching.

    OK, you can keep an eye on them for me.  I just can't stand what comes out of their mouths. 

    I know it feels like they can push it forever, 'Mona, far past any appropriate limit. But they can't. Eventually, the sheer lunacy repels more people than it attracts.

    Trump has 30-something percent of the 25 percent of voters who are Republicans. Look at Trump's primary poll numbers and divide them by 3 or 4. That's how many people he has: millions too many, but also tens of millions too few.

    The press has been coming out all day against Trump. The very same press that gave him the free tools to build his campaign to such heights he now thinks he owns the place.

    Who couldn't see this coming?  Right.  We all could..


    This political show is just fascinating to me.

    Any one of the hundred things the Donald has said over the past few months would have disqualified any candidate over the decades--with the exception of Palin, I suppose.

    I do not understand how he gets away with it.

    Watching him get away with it drives me crazy.  Now I'm watching the press wake up and THAT'S driving me crazy.   I'll be shocked if he lasts until Christmas.  That's my prediction.  He'll be gone by Christmas.  What do you think?

    I guess I have to wait till I see next week's polls?

    And if he goes look at what we have left.

    Cruz and Rubio could really destroy this country.

    Oh I just ran across this essay:



    That's about it.  I don't think Trump's followers are coming over to our side.  Lol.

    Do you honestly think that if the GOP succeeds in dumping Trump he will just go away?  I can't see it. I think he will run as an Independent, which would not only assure a Dem victory, but would also end the Republican Party. 

    I know it is probably too much to hope for, but I'm clinging to it. I just can't see the Kochs et al letting Trump have the nomination, and I can't see him saying,

    "OK, well I guess I'm fired.  Sure was fun."


    I'm still, however, trying to get over my hurt and anger at JollyRoger for insulting baboons upstream. It was so mean...what did any baboon ever do to him to deserve such a hideous comparison?  Oh, I guess I'll forgive him because I know it came from a good place. Lol.

    If the GOP goes chickenshit wimpy traitor and doesn't go with Trump he won't run as an 'Independent' he will run as The Only In Your Media Face Straight Talking Success Story Who Can Make America Feared and Great Again Once and Forever - the Real Deal Donald.

    He needs no labels, others do, ask him.

    When I click on this post at the mast-head it takes me to "The Hill."  Anyone else having that problem?

    It did for me too.  It took me to Trump article at the Hill. 

    Thanks, CVille.  I wish I could blame someone else for that little error but, alas, it was all me.  Fixed now!

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