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    Bill O'Reilly discovers violence - and palm trees - in Wisconsin

    It seems Bill O'Reilly and Fox News have discovered violent protesters in Wisconsin:


    Note the palm trees at the 14 second mark. To paraphrase O'Reilly, how did palm trees get in Wisconsin? God only knows.

    Update: Seems Mike Tobin is living in an alternate universe in Wisconsin.




    Jeebus put those palm trees there.  It's a test.

    It's a test.

    thank you..It's just like those confusing fossils, and the paperwork the aliens sent me back with that says I'm not 19.

    Global Warming!

    It is likely 99% of O'Reilly viewers fell for this video and the propaganda on unions being violent bullys.

    Almost everything that O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Beck, Fox News and the GOP say, make up, lie about, or fake reinforces the bias and prejudices of their listeners, it is a very steep slope to climb to change the minds of the brainwashed flock, even when the lies are right there for anyone to see.

    Of course they have palm trees.

    Where in the hell do you think they get the stuff to make all that coconut beer?

    I think I just saw Keith Richards fall out of one of those trees. 


    I put the palm trees there. Sorry for the confusion.

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