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    The Washington Post just reviewed Unreasonable Men

    As Michael Wolraich argues in his sharp, streamlined new book, “Unreasonable Men,” it was “the greatest period of political change in American history.”


    PS On sale Tuesday. Pre-order for a discount.



    Congratulations! Where's the party?

    If you go on a book tour to Tampa/St.Pete or Sarasota, Please let me know. Just publish the schedules and some of us will find you. 

    As Joe Biden said: "This is a big fucking deal."

    Hey that's great news Michael.  Congrats!   Nice work. 

    Woo-Hooo!  Congrats!  Great review!

    We'll try it again

    This is a big frickin deal.

    Is that guy related to you?

    I mean he has the same name and all!

    Oh I forgot this.

    I mean if it had been Mike M it might be more apropos but damn:


    Oh I forgot this.

    I mean if it had been Mike M it might be more apropos but damn:


    Richard, If you go to your apps and find PC Setting, It should be under P.  Click on. Then click on PC devices. There should be mouse and touch pad settings.  Click that on and set your touch pad to medium and mouse to medium if you are using one.  That should help with the double posting comments. You can also find in that group setting for  your cursor.  I had trouble seeing mine, it was so small it would get lost on my screen.  I changed it to a larger dark one.  Now I don't loose it. 

    Also you should read this.  


    I have windows internet explorer 11 set up to be my default search on my desk top. But I have google chrome as an option. on my bar at the bottom. The Times article will explain your options.  On my bottom bar where all the little icons are at for volume and ect.,  there is a arrow. Click that on and run your cursor over the choices and see if you have a touch pad sensitivity one.  If not you have an options to customize and it should be in there.  Click it on and change your sensitivity to a higher setting.  There is a bunch of setting there just fiddle with them until you get a good setting for your pad.  You have all these swipe options for the corner charms. in that pad sensitivity window  I had trouble with all that  charm stuff flying out at me as I moved my cursor around.  The swipe touch was too light so I finally figured that out and set it to a higher settings on all the swipes.  It is really for the touch screens but your cursor is effected by the settings. I was also doing double and triple comment postings. That stopped after I got all the settings right. 

    Have fun.  I hope I just saved you several months of head aches. 



    So being cheap and thin gets you an attaboy, eh ?


    But why didn't you dig into why they allowed the 17th Amendment to pass ??? Seems to me that would the the climax to your book... they shot themselves in the foot on purpose.


    Well done, G.

    Way to go, Mike! 

    Glad you got this one hammered, it looks great,and what a wonderful review!


    Nice review. Looking forward to delivery next week.



    Wow, that's the kind of review most writers only dream about.  Congratulations!  On to the NYT!

    Thanks, folks! As you can imagine, it's not easy to build a writing career, and the wonderful enthusiasm and support that I've received from you through the years helps keep me going!

    If any of you are members of the Hive at TPM, please join the August reading list discussion that Josh linked to from the main page: http://forums.talkingpointsmemo.com/t/august-recess-reading-suggestions/...

    Congratulations on getting to the Atlantic, Michael.  The article is excellent.  I hope a disaffected politician reads it and gets inspired by La Follette.

    Thanks, Ami!

    Congrats, Michael. It must have been a few tense days waiting for the first reviews to come in. Glad, while not surprised, that they were good ones. 

    You have no idea. Still operating on too little sleep.

    Amazing, reading through Dagblog I haven't found a single post mentioning Gaza!



    See that little Google Custom Search box up on the right? Type in Gaza and hit enter. Voila!

    If that is too hard much bother, here's a link to the search results I got:




    Two news links already this year. Wars are getting boring, too much of a bad thing, I guess. Too bad in a way because the big success of M's book has probably brought potentially interesting new people here to check out the site but most are probably also interested in big things going on in the world today.



    There are more than two. Search just does not sort chronologically. A bug to fix?


    Whoops, my bad. I actually thought it was just a matter of the search terms but I also have shared Hugo's surprise, mine being at the very little attention being paid here since things there turned so much uglier in the last month or so.

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