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    Earthquake in VA MD DC

    I felt a small vibration around 9 AM this morning, like a big truck was near the building. My nearest coworker thought I was tapping my foot. That was apparently the 3.6 quake that Dickday posted about.

    Update: We heard it again this morning. The guy that parks right below my desk must have gotten a diesel.

    A few minutes ago, around 2 PM, the building started seriously shaking and we all filed out and down to the sidewalks. Someone says it was 5.8 and the epicenter was Mineral VA. USGS says it was 5.9.

    Update: Seems that USGS changed it back to 5.8.

    Kottke writes: A look at the historical data for the eastern US states shows that this is the biggest quake to hit this coast since 1897 (a 5.9 in VA) and the second biggest of all time (well, since they started recording such things) after a 7.3 that hit South Carolina in 1886.



    I felt it in NYC. The floor of the coffeeshop where I hang out trembled a bit, which unnerved a few patrons. Not much compared to what I've felt in California, but we're a long way from Virginia.

    This earthquake (now 6.0 rated) in DC goes all the way south to the Carolinas and all the way west to Detroit as well as parts of OHIO.


    I have to call my wife and ask her if she felt the earth move.

    What happens in Vegas DC stays in Vegas DC.

    I live in Montreal, Quebec Canada and we felt a little tremble at 1h55 pm. We are located on the 10th floor of a big building. The motion felt like when you get dizzy.

    I'm surprised we felt it this far up North.

    Hope no one has been injured down near the quake.

    God Bless you All.

    Now we have a transcontinental earthquake!

    Thank you for this report!

    That was pretty scary. At first it was just a low rumble feeling, and I figured it was the base of someones car. Then it got bigger and my desk started to shake, and I looked over in the other room and everything was shaking, and th took a few seconds to realize what was happening.

    Now MSNBC reports the quake is felt in NH, VT, NY...all the way south to Georgia and as far west as Chicago.

    epicenter in Virginia as Donal reports...

    I live in southern md. I thought maybe it was a machine around doing contstruction work or a low flying helicopter. I felt 2 strong trimmers

    I felt it in Bethesda, MD - Montgomery County.

    I live in Alexandria, Va, about 10 miles south of DC. Felt very strong shaking... It didn't feel like a heavy machine or low flying plane. It felt like an earthquake. And it felt like it lasted around one minute. Still shook up. Cell phone networks are down, can't make calls.

    Wow - I live in Manassas and this felt like a large truck going by, then intensified to the point that the floor and walls were shaking and my chandelier was swaying!  Nothing fell off of shelves or walls but seemed to last for at least 5-6 seconds. I've been to CA so many times that I thought that the first earthquake I would experience would have been out there!

    Land lines in Baltimore seem to be intact. Cell phone service seems to be down for some servers. Family is OK, just doing regular daily activities.

    I live in MD. I was in the doctors office when my mom, my doctor, and all the nurses felt something shake. my doctor went outside and said "oh it's just a little earthquake". But it was funny because it was a 5.8 earthquake. You were only able to text people on your cellular device and you weren't able to call anyone from a cellular device. It was creepy and I thought the world was going to end. What is God trying to tell us? 

    What is God trying to tell us?

    Texting is divine

    Maybe he's telling the folks in DC 

    "Let me have your attention please."

    "You arrogant, self serving jerks, you've made the lowly people fall to their knees; lets see how well you can stand; when I shake things up.

    Who will be your deliverer; and you folks in DC thought you were the movers and the shakers?

    Financial collapse........HaHahahaha, how about a tectonic collapse.

    Let me show you how fracking really works you destroyers of the planet.  

    The message might be less ambiguous if he texted their cell phones

    Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

    If you see that text message; it's too late.

    OK, I'll keep an eye out. Do you think it will be in the original Aramaic or the English transliteration? I have my iPhone set for international mode, but I don't think that it has Aramaic. Why doesn't God just write, "You're toast"?

    If "God" was trying to tell us anything with this earthquake you woulda thunk he would've used a bigger one than a 5.9! (Or 6.0, 5.8, whatever.) I mean it was impressive (biggest earthquake I've even been in), but not all that scary, and I was in an old office building less than 30 miles from the epicenter!

    So stick around.

    Pompeii' residents didn't heed the warnings either.

    It would sure be a disaster if another quake happens during Hurricane Irene?

    Maybe that'll drive the point home;  you folks in DC should have helped the homeowners.

    How do you like being out in the elements with out a safe place to weather the storms.


    Who will be your deliverer

    Wasn't that Edward G Robinson's line?


    The Earth swallowed them up.  

    Now,   that's an earthquake... When you want it done right, get Cecil B. DeMille on the job.(Who, btw, with no sense of irony whatsoever, chose himself to do the "voice of god".)

    It may be that we are being told that there are fault lines that developed after land masses slammed into each other as the earth was forming. The first documented earthquake felt in Baltimore was in 1758.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks the the earth is actively trying to kill human life given that there are earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanoes, etc.

    Plate tectonics is just a theory. Children should also study the more reasonable principle of Intelligent Earth Jiggling.

    Earth Jiggling

    President Perry, is that you? :)

    I can't vote for Perry , myself since Texas is supposed to be under a drought risk for 2 more years despite Perry's political prayer stadium rain dance. Perry is obviously not one of the chosen.

    (I do dislike people like Perry who politicize religion. I do hope that those suffering in Texas do get their much needed rain.)



    The Earth is a violent place, without Divine intervention it will kill us,

    Keep saying you don't need him, he'll be glad to oblige you.  

    Don't blame him for withdrawing support to those who didn't think they needed it.

    "Hey smart Earthling man......., hold the plates from moving. Hahahahaha;  hold back the tides. Hahahahah.

    "All I asked you to do was take care of your fellow man and I would take care of the rest" 

    Here's your eviction notice.

    Do you believe God caused the earthquake or that he let the earthquake happen and prevented loss of life? If God caused the earthquake, was the message in this earthquake different from the message he wanted to deliver in the earthquakes in the area in 1758 or 1984?

    The epi-center was in Cantor's district. I don't know if that helps.


    It is amazing how often God's actions fall into line with mine when the outcome agrees with my personal position on an issue. The Constitution always agrees with me. It's just the horse's behinds on the Supreme Court that don't understand the law.

    I live a very secure life.

    And here's another bit of information. The epicenter is near an area which has been laced with new drilling rigs pumping salt water under the shale layer in the practice known as fracking. This would fit a pattern of fracking cum earthquakes in other areas since 2009, such as Arkansas.

    Make you say, Hmmmm?

    I hate fracking with the passion of a million suns, but...

    The fracking that they're saying is "near" the epicenter is in West Virginia. Anyone who knows the area knows that's stretching the definition of "near" quite a bit!

    The fracking/earthquake connection is here in an article on OEN:

    I think it's plausible that there's a fracking/earthquake connection in general, but in this specific case (per the link) the connection being made is between two points 160 miles apart. Trying to associate this specific earthquake with fracking can only serve to damage the credibility of those making the connection in general. If I were paranoid...

    Right. I had understood that there were wells in the immediate area which is apparently not true.

    I do not attribute any evil to God.

    I only pray; that he'll hear his servant's plea, in a time of distress.

    I remember a time in the past, when people were warned about an impending danger (Hurricane Andrew?) Some refused to heed the warnings. Do you think God should be held responsible for people ignoring the warnings? 

    I remember hearing reports of people who stayed in their homes during a hurricane, thinking they wouldn't be hurt. At the height of the storm they were calling 911, but no help could be sent.

    Nostrodamus predicted earthquakes but he did not predict DickDay, so I'm going with the U.S.G.S on this one.   

    hope all goes well to you all. dont forget there are bigger earthwuakes happened like the one in Athens, Greece 1999 which was 6.9 and 100 people were dead...a friend form Greece ...


    Apparently CO, where I reside, was also shaken today by the biggest quake we've had in 50 years.  I assume this is connected.  IMO it is the earth saying 'WTF ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING?!'

    Either that or "Get the hell off me!" Unlike that other Montrealer, I didn't feel a thing.

    BTW Apparently the quake in CO preceded the one on the east side. It was very early this morning...

    I think that might have been what we felt around 10 AM. My coworker thought it was around 9, but I think it was later.

    If the Earth keeps shaking, what are the chances the Republicans will authorize stimulus money too rebuild DC?  

    Everyone else can get swallowed up?  

    Wake up call to the hypocrites?

    There's a very simple explanation.

    1. Congress is not in session.

    2. Nature abhors a vacuum.


    That's not it, Beetle. If Congress were in session, there would still be a vacuum.

    did anyone feel a small tremor sometime in the last few days?  I did in bed one night not nearly this size but a tremor alright" please comment anyone at all feel it

    Just a thought as I followed this today.

    I mean it was in the middle of Andrea's show centering on Khadaffi (Or Gaddaffi or Achooooooooo!) that I heard about this lock down of Gov buildings in DC.

    By the by, Happy 102nd Birthday to Andrea!

    But I have heard of after shocks.

    But Donal, you spoke of preshocks, which really shocks me!

    Explain the tempus discrepancy if you will!

     tempus discrepancy

    Simple:  You only know if the first quake is the quake, and the second one is the "shock" after the second.  If it's smaller, it's an aftershock.  Otherwise, the "quake" was a foreshock, and the joke's on you...


    Hope springs eternal.

    But seriously, has Virginia put a call into Morgan Freeman yet?

    But really seriously that is one of top five of the year.

    I see your Jerry and raise you a John

    You mock us‽‽ I'll have you know that we actually had something fall off one of our walls at home. You always imagine that will happen to someone else, but never to yourself! (sniff) Ironically (given the previous conversation with Resistance), it was a cross we had picked up in Mexico… (seriously)

     we actually had something fall off one of our walls

    I was standing on the corner of Geary &  Van Ness, in October '89, and I saw Geary undulate like a rodeo roper's lariat--it was straight outta Cecil B. Demille...That was an earthquake...

    I was working near Foster City and commuting into the "inner Sunset", near the Park. A heavy lathe tipped over an missed me by a couple of feet. It took eight hours to drive back into the city where some buildings were completely down on my block. Yeah, that was an earthquake, even the pan handlers took a couple of weeks off and the police cleared out the remaining hippie vans along the Park.

    This IS funny, but this picture was actually taken by my friend's wife. It is in their back yard. She also sent around a shocking image of an actual pill bottle that had toppled on their kitchen table!

    Their home is located outside Mt Airy, MD and was taken immediately following the July 16, 2010 earthquake...

    Oh the humanity!

    That's hilarious. Thanks for the backstory.

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