I was losing it a couple days ago, and I mean like really losing it with the brain effects, in the humid heat (especially as I need a haircut--you know, when you have all the frizzy ends that curl around your face and irritate it when you sweat, and then it's also grass pollen season, which to my nervous system is like a very toxic poison ,)

    but now we have the glorious air clearing of the thunderstorm ions (I can feel them before anyone tells me,) and a glance at the forecast sez we will have them for several days to come, hallelujah:

    If it is steamy for half a day, I can take it, it's the endless I can't take, I need breaks, can't even comprehend tolerating an entire southeastern summer.

    If it is steamy for half a day, I can take it, it's the endless I can't take, I need breaks, can't even comprehend tolerating an entire southeastern summer.

    ​And it is not even August yet.  It's barely July.  But it is a drier heat than normal.  

    ​So you are weather sensitive too.  I know what you mean about feeling a thunderstorm coming.  Even better is sitting on a covered screen porch during one. 


    I Hate HOT !

    My normal temp is around 96.  Think that may be why cold bothers me more than heat.  I have a couple of degrees buffer on the upside. :-)  I think.  Another couple of days like the past two and I may change my mind.



    I moved up to Cleveland to get away from the heat of Florida. Not quite far enough north, I guess.

    Next time, Alaska.

    And we on the left coast (at least in the Sac Valley) are having our 3rd mild summer (knock on wood) in a row. I feel bad for y'all but dang good for us! I can do a dry 92... 112, not so much!

    The temperature is in the normal range for Florida. We are just wondering how the heat up north will effect hurricane season in the gulf.

    Wish I were there.

    Winters here have been milder, summers hotter the past few years but nothing like the last three days.  Today is much better though, more normal.   Last night some Atlantic winds blew in and cooled things down.  Now I see clouds moving in from the Gulf.  Hooray!


    We are still without power after the Friday night/Saturday morning derecho. I went running Saturday morning, and there were downed branches everywhere. In search of ice and long matches, we drove past a wooden power pole that had been sheared off and stuck through the windshield of a sedan with all the lines still attached. Our local stores were closed, but we found one that was open. The gas range still works, so we've been lucky enough to cook and eat our food before it went bad. Oddly, there is power two buildings North and South of us, and at the community center. The community pool was open so we had some relief from the heat.

    Not much is scarier than house-rattling strong winds in the night.  Good to know that you are okay even though terribly inconvenienced.  I have wished for a long time that utility companies were required to begin replacing those old poles with underground conduits especially if they are no longer going to keep enough equipment and crews locally.

    Actually, we heard the lightning and thunder, but didn't realize the damage until morning. Our apartment is brick and block. A tree hit the next building up, just missing a dining room window, and smashed to pieces against the brick exterior.

    They should have put the lines underground. Now that the climate is changing, it's probably too late.

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