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    Feds Commandeering Cops in California?

    10th Amendment...

    Forced participation or commandeering... Hmmm...


    March 27, 2017


    Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States

    Sec. 8. Federal-State Agreements. It is the policy of the executive branch to empower State and local law enforcement agencies across the country to perform the functions of an immigration officer in the interior of the United States to the maximum extent permitted by law.


    Here in California...

    Before the above was issued:

    March 22, 2017 | LATimes

    California files brief supporting challenge to Trump's threat against 'sanctuary' cities and counties

    State Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra on Wednesday filed a brief in support of a Santa Clara County lawsuit challenging President Trump's executive order targeting "sanctuary" cities that refuse to help federal authorities enforce immigration laws.

    The amicus brief cites Trump's threat to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities and counties as well as the state's interest in protecting state laws and policies that promote public safety and protect the constitutional rights of residents, Becerra said.

    “Any attempt by Donald Trump to hijack state and local resources to do the Trump administration’s bidding raises serious constitutional questions and threatens the safety of our communities,” Becerra said. “California has a sovereign right and responsibility to protect the safety and the constitutional rights of its residents, and that is what we will continue to do.”

    The filing is the fifth amicus brief filed by Becerra in lawsuits challenging Trump orders.


    And here's Governor Brown:

    Mar 26 2017 | Meet The Press

    Gov. Jerry Brown to Trump: ‘You Don’t Want to Mess With California’

    Here we go...



    There are good reasons to support sanctuary for most  illegal aliens but they are not what these political sanctuary movements are about. The politicians who run these cities and their  police departments are refusing to share information with ICE and place holds on criminal illegal aliens who everyone should want deported including most other illegal aliens. There are about 800,000 documented criminal aliens in the country and if some cities or states refuse to do their duty to protect citizens and residents they should pay for that choice.

    They are releasing these criminals back into the general population to offend again and create more victims to further their  political agenda. You have to wonder about the mental stability or competence of people who behave in this way, it's insane.

    We need to nationalize all police forces and have them swear an oath to Trump.

    Only our leader has no political agenda but protecting our culture.

    He only wants to purify the population by deportation/resettlement of criminal races outside of the homeland..

    That's not what's happening and that's not what this is all about. There are communities in cities that have a large number of illegal immigrants. In order to effectively police those communities the police need the residents to cooperate. If victims don't report crimes and witnesses won't testify because they are afraid they will be arrested for illegal immigration and deported these areas can't be policed. Often even citizens in these areas are afraid to cooperate with police if they have relatives living with them who are here illegally.

    Sanctuary city police are happy to cooperate with ICE when it comes to those who have committed violent  offenses. But they want guarantees from ICE that they will not target illegal immigrants who have committed no  crimes because it would be an impediment to effective policing. The ICE, especially now, wants to up the numbers arrested and has a grab them all and low hanging fruit policy. While this will up the numbers in the short term it actually results in less criminals being deported as limited resources are spent on those who have committed no crime other than crossing the border.

    States and cities that did little when Obama deported millions of good and bad aliens are now pursuing a political agenda against Trump, that fact is obvious. There wouldn't be 800,000 documented criminal aliens in the country if the states and cities didn't release them into the population. Most ot the criminals may not be violent but ID theft and drunk driving are not victimless crimes and they make these people undesirable residents  needing deporting.

    The pathetic meme about the cops needing or being able to attract illegal aliens as community rats could have only been cobbled together for ignorant Leisure Class consumption. They wouldn't be needed for this police service if the criminals preying on them were deported and that includes  wife beaters.

    Cities and states have no legal grounds to interfere with federal immigration enforcement but some of them have other agendas that make them cling to their aliens even the criminal element. The illegal alien lawyers and activists have been busy at sites such as the Intercept trying to rehabilitate criminal aliens or at least excuse their crimes to promote their agenda. They seek to  save these deserving criminals from the harsh Trump deportation machine which seems to be a good enough reason for many empty headed partisans.

    The pathetic meme about the cops needing or being able to attract illegal aliens as community rats could have only been cobbled together for ignorant Leisure Class consumption. They wouldn't be needed for this police service if the criminals preying on them were deported and that includes  wife beaters.

    That's based on the premise that those committing crimes are the illegal immigrants and by simply removing them the citizens could live in peace. It's exactly what I expect from you and it comes from the same place as Trump's claim that Mexicans are rapists. Consider the possibility that American citizens also engage in criminal behavior. They can't simply be deported. They must be tried and convicted. It even happens that some wife beaters are citizens and some of the victims of domestic violence are illegal immigrants. How likely is it that a victim of a crime will report that crime if she fears she will be investigated and deported?

    Tell me, are white citizens living in white neighborhoods who report crime or testify in court "community rats?" Do the police need white people in white neighborhoods to report crime and testify in court to find and arrest criminals and get convictions? Or is the need for citizens to cooperate with police in white neighborhoods a fiction "cobbled together for ignorant Leisure Class consumption?"

    Lie #1 - Obama did not deport "millions of good and bad citizens", he deported the bad and gave temporary legal status to 844,000 goods thru DACA.

    Lie #2 - States and cities aided Obama with criminal aliens, they didn't "do little". They are also helping Trump with real criminals, not breaking up families over minor misdemeanors from 20 years ago.

    Lie #3 - Trump policy is a political agenda to get the browns so Trumpkins like you can revel in hate.

    Lie #4 - Cops don't "cobble together" for "leisure class consumption", they enforce the law in their communities. Trump cobbles together badly told lies, promises, executive orders, science denial and surrounds himself with extreme right wing ideologues and white supremacists.  He goes to victory rallies to get adoration he craves from uneducated mobs, while he makes deals to take away working families health care so he can cut taxes on millionaires and billionaires.

    Lie #5 - Cities and state are not "interfering with federal immigration enforcement" they are doing their sworn duty which does not include being federal deportation officers.

    Lie #6 - immigrant lawyers do not try to excuse crimes, they seek to protect rights guaranteed by law.

    Fact - You are a prime example of an empty headed partisan, because you support a party run by con men and an orange Buffoon on behalf of billionaire oligarchs who pander to imbeciles and racists to get elected.

    The buck doesn't even slow down on Trump's desk.

    NCD... Bravo!

    Beating back the babbling bloviating bullshit of these ignoramuses has become a full time endeavor.

    Thank you.



    Dar be fine reasons t'suppo't sanckuary fo' most illegal aliens but dey be not whut dese political sanckuary movements be about. Man! D' politicians who helter-skelta' dese cities an' deir po-lice departments be refusin' t'share info'mashun wif ICE an' place holds on criminal illegal aliens who ev'ryone sh'd be hankerin' depo'ted includin' most oda' illegal aliens. Dar be about 800,000 docoomnted criminal aliens in d' country an' eff'n some cities o' states refuse t'do deir duty t'proteck citizens an' residents dey sh'd pay fo' det choice. Dey be releasin' dese criminals back into d' juneral populashun t'offend agin an' create mo'e vickims t'furda' deir political ajunda. WORD! Yo' hafta wonna' about d' mental stability o' competence uh varmints who behave in dis hyar way, it's insane.

    Why is it when I read that in print my mental image of what it sounds like in 3-D sounds like this?

    Blow that whistle loud and hard.








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