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    "Female" and "Republican" - Huh???

    I like to think of myself as being open-minded (my deceased uncle accused me of having such an open mind that my brains had fallen out!) and willing to listen to anyone's point of view, if for no other reason than to do a reality check on what I think vs. what others think. I have learned a lot listening. And SOMETIMES I am even able to refine my thoughts based on what I've heard. I am not wishy-washy, but I am able to evolve in my thinking, when presented with an idea that has merit. Little of what I think is carved in stone, and I like that about me. 

    But lately I'm finding myself closing off my brain at times. Like every time a female Republican opens her mouth.

    The very idea that a woman would be a Republican in this day in age makes my brain go tilt.

    I have lots of female friends who are Republicans. I like them. I respect them. They are really great people and wonderful friends who would do anything they could to help me out, and I would do anything for them. But we DON'T talk about politics. The few times we've tried, it's been a disaster. I am not going to change their minds, they're not going to change mine. So we steer clear and stay in the calm water. Friends are more important than politics.  

    But the Republican party, or at least the most vocal portion of it, has gotten so blatantly anti-woman that I have a hard time even listening to what a female Republican has to say. Because, if they can be a part of a party that feels such animosity towards women, that thinks that we are second class citizens, that thinks we are so stupid that we cannot be allowed to make our own decisions about our bodies, that defines our worth by how we look or dress, or whether we are feminine enough - who, if we disagree with them, call us shrill, and basically feel like they would be perfectly happy with going back to the days of keeping us barefoot and pregnant and certainly out of the voting booth - how can we take what they have to say seriously? Unless they are bad-mouthing their party, and let's be honest here, how often does THAT happen?

    So, I'm watching the cable "commentary" shows, and I'm finding it harder and harder to sit through. I know it's sexist, but I expect all this crap to come from Republican men, but I still find it shocking to come out of the mouths of Republican women. I keep expecting SOME of them to stand up and say we've had enough of this good 'ol boy stuff. Do they not realize that the only reason they are on tv at ALL is because women were able to take control of their reproductive rights and get out of the kitchen? And these idiots are trying to push them back in???



    I think many women don't believe it is directed to them. They have comfortable lives.  They are disconnected from many of the realities that other people face that don't have the opportunities they have. I always call them well taken care of. They see only what they want to see because they feel they have done things right. They live in the paradigm of their own lives. 

    Then you have the low information women who buy into the simple sound bites that are simple and appealing answers to problems. They will vote against their own interest as long as they think they are preventing the unworthy from milking the system. LBJ talked about how as long as a politician can make a group of people believe there is another group to blame, you can get them to vote against what is good for themselves to keep low lives from having any benefits. They don't understand that their hardships are politically structured and not caused by what they see as a class lower then them. It is structured that way because of greed by the few. 

    I made a comment on another thread pointing out what was so obvious about Kansas' law limiting the withdrawal to only $25 for welfare cash benefits. This was setting up a structure to benefit a private company that wanted to make money from the system. Now look at how that has been presented as a way to keep the lazy low lives from using the money for vices and pleasure. 

    I have spent my whole life waiting for women to vote as a block. Becoming a part of a sisterhood that will make our lives better in the political world. That is why I want to see HRC break that glass ceiling. 

    I dunno either.

    But Justice Thomas votes against any claim made by


    Rubio really does not give a goddamn about Hispanics.

    And he hates Cubans for chrissakes!

    But women can make money and fame by ignoring women's rights.

    If you live in Texas or Oklahoma or Arizona, you will have to drive to California to purchase birth control pills or ask a doctor to save your life in case of some birth issues.

    Hell, I could possibly receive ten times more hits on my blogs if I called for the death of gay folks. hahahahah

    Money is the answer to your query. At least that is my prediction.

    Hey, how are those beautiful grandkids anyway.

    Mine are pretty oh so pretty and happy and interesting. 


    I have one home with a sore throat and cough.  It is common core testing week for him. Oldest girl flying in today for the youngest birthday.  I still have to write his name on his cake. He will be 8 years old. So all is well. 

    I have 4 now, ages 10, 7, 6 and 1(I think we're done!) They are amazing! Smart, beautiful, and have added a dimension to my life I never thought possible! Thanks for asking!

    I have no other place to put this thought.

    There is this sweet sweet journalist at Salon.

    Her picture is so damn sweet.

    And I think this might be taken as sexist or ageist or whatever.

    I don't care.

    Catch her here:


    I do not think my embed worked.

    It is just that besides Precious, I have never seen such a sweet fact.

    I read her all the time.

    where in the hell do you get to look that sweet and still write?

    I get a kick out of her.

    Where else could I make this point? hahahahahah

    Hahahaha, indeed! Arthur, feel free to post whatever random stuff you want on my posts...

    I saw this today and thought of you Stilli.

    After reading this I asked myself what our country would look like if someone 'christ-like' were running it.  

    Restorative Justice, maybe even the basic income for everyone idea so that there was an end to poverty, homelessness, hunger, universal health care.  Probably bigger taxes for the top to pay from the programs needed to make the basics of life good for all. Inspiration for people to do their part for the good of all.  

    I am not a christian and I even just joined a private FB group for ex-Christian Scientists to help me further heal from the programming involved in my religious upbringing but my mom, who is also an ex-Christian Scientist recently explained to me, I am not a Christian but I try to be christ-like, and she does. Of course it was only six or seven years ago or so that I got her to stop watching Fox News and now she listens to liberal radio which I don't even do lol.


    The article is dead on, Synch...Thanks for posting it and for thinking of me when you read it.

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