This Is Just To Say

    ArticleMan and Nate had it right on.  I now know who to trust, in the future.


    Friends kept whining to me about how worried they were, and I said, "Nope, no worries, Artie and Nate know what they're talking about.  We got this."


    And you know what?  Artie and Nate got it.




    My wife was worrying as the early electoral college votes rolled in. We had up the Fox News site just because we figured once they called it for Obama, we could safely believe it. (As in, it'd have to be 101% crystal clear for Obama before Fox would admit it.) We also calibrated with a few other sites, of course, including HuffPo. Anyways, I'd just have her look at the map showing which electoral college votes had come in, and how they aligned perfectly with what Nate Silver had predicted. Once she saw that, she was mostly calmed down. (Mostly.) I love that woman.

    Didn't they, though?  Congrats to both.  I have to be away from my computer for most of the day (damn!) but I'll try and check in on my pre-school smart phone.

    Nate and Aman; they did it!

    Tester was just confirmed as winner in Montana.

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