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    Republicans Don't Consider Barack Obama to be Our President

    How else can you explain the outrage of the President going on a State Visit?  Cost?  That is only the excuse.  I honestly think that these people object to this trip because there is an accepted "truth" among republicans that our President is just living in the White House, but he is not actually Our President.  How else can one explain the "Opt In" for students nation-wide to hear the message that President Obama gave in September?  Can anyone imagine anything equivalent with any former President?  Yet they get away with it.

    Mitch McConnell states that nothing is more important to him than defeating our President.  He shares that same goal with AlQaida, but where is the noise?  They have so demonized the Democrats: the Party of the Common Good; now they call "Health Care Reform" the "medical spending bill" ---  they control the message.  We need to do better, but that is not th epoint of this blog.

    I was enormously disappointed in Obamas speech the day-after.  He took complete blame, as though the country was all in favor of the republican agenda.   He should have let those pompous asses know that November 2nd was NOT a mandate for them, and that he will continue the things he has started that have not had enough time to give relief so far.

    But beside all that, my point is this:  REPUBLICANS DO NOT CONSIDER BARACK OBAMA TO BE THE PRESIDENT; THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF, or for that matter, worthy of any respect whatsoever.



    You want to see a real DEATH PANEL? (For our country)  

    Look at the Republican Party, and their Tea Party little sisters.  They would rather see the country go down in flames than Barack Obama accomplish anything to help the country recover from this world-wide recession.  Oh, and that means they'll do anything to keep him from being re-elected.








    You're on to something.

    The cohort intent on delegitimizing Obama as a Potemkin President.

    But to make the charge stick you need to more narrowly define the perpetrators. 

    Applying it across the board to all Republicans  isn't  credible. We all know Republicans who do accord Obama the respect  that traditionally attaches to the holder of that office.

    Trouble is, we also all know ones who don't.

    How to identify that target group of denyers ? By their acts thou shalt know them . For starters, those who complained about Michelle's Spanish holiday. In 93 Rush designated Chelsea the 'White House dog", same thing. Attacking the unelected members of the First Family wins you instant admittance to membership in the Order of Obama Delegitimizers. Otherwise known as the "Odd Ones".





    The manufactured outrage about the India trip is indeed stupifying. Where was the outrage over the cost (in both treasure AND blood) to fund Bush's "Mission Accomplished" photo op - the price of which we continue paying to this day at an expense per day that dwarfs Obama's trip expense.

    On a related note, where were Boehner and the others in November 2008 until now? I heard no message of fealty to the wishes of the American people as expressed at the polls at that time. Indeed, from the moment Obama was elected, the GOP strategy was to do everything they could to be obstructionist - quite effectively, I might add.

    There are no statesmen. We are bereft of leaders. All we seem to have is gamesmen who focus entirely on cynically manipulating the electorate with the sole objective of winning elections. It's the DLC team against the GOP, all brought to you by their very proud corporate sponsors. Grab the popcorn and enjoy the show. Perhaps it will provide a nice diversion away from the fact that we are regressing into a third world country and there is little you can do to stop it.

    All I can say is they better find some jobs for the voters or they will be gone too in the next election.

    No, they never have, and sadly, they have convinced a large segment of the population to agree with them.  The vehemence of the Republican base towards the man in the White House is stunning and way beyond what Dems used to say about GWB.  Of course, we didn't have all the phony stories used to keep a constant level of outrage going, our anger at GWB was based on actually deeds and real events.  The Republican bases rage against the President borders on complete hysteria, and I really don't think it's totally about racism, so much as blind hatred for what they have been told. And what they're being told, of course, is, like the 34 warships and the $200 million dollar a day trip. complete fiction. 

    I try to take the lies head on with Conservatives. When they tell me that government spending is out of control and the size of goverment is growing at an alarming rate, I ask them to tell me how much spending has increased since the current President took office, and by what percentage has government grown since 2008.  I also ask them how much their taxes increased last year.  99.999 percent have absolutely no clue; they're just repeating the Rush/Hannity/Beck/Fox News talking points.  Unfortunately, they have been riled up so much they're convinced it's all true, and most won't believe it's not true, even if you show them the facts.

    We have let the Repugs define people's assumptions. We have to stop and call them on everything or face an electorate that will believe everything they're repeatedly told on Fox.

    Don't let any assumption pass without scrutiny.  What they think they know, is seldom, if ever, the truth. Confront their lack of knowledge head on. Embarrass them in public and force them to look beyond the comfort zone of Fox News. The 34 warships story was a perfect way to gently rip the veil from their eyes. The story is false, and yet the Fox News outrage machine was cranking it up hot and heavy.  Showing people it was false lets them glimpse, even if only for a moment, the world of lies they have chosen to inhabit by watching Fox News.  And the people whose pride won't let them admit they've been duped, will be forced further and further into conspiracy-world, where, to save face, they have to believe crazier and crazier explanations as to why such stories are true.


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