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    Standard Global Warming Models debunked. Truth: Sooner, Higher, Drier, Stronger

    I have a dream.


    It has nothing to do with the end of racism.  My dream is to see the look on  Rush Limbaugh's bloated face as he paddles by in his Waterworld survival kayak.


    I may yet see it.


    Everything they said would  happen is happening, but sooner.


    The sea rise is every year projected to be higher. In 2009, the 2007 worst case estimate was doubled.


    All the famine nodes are drier.


    And, of course, we have tornedos in Brooklyn!  In Park fuckin' Slope!


    We had no tornedos in the Brooklyn of my yout'.


    Don't worry, the 3% of climate scientists who disagree with the prevailing theory and have had their theories toppled by more recent data, now say that the clouds will save us.

    The non-scientist deniers will not be influenced by any new scientific data.

    The story is becoming the denial, at last, so there may be the start of a shift.


    Way too late to actually keep us anywhere under 350 ppm of carbon dioxide...

    On the other hand, things aren't as bad as the worst-case scenario. (It really makes me wonder if the reporter doesn't understand the concept of "worst-case scenario". By definition, scientists didn't expect things to be as bad as the worst-case scenario.)

    But in disaster porn, it is always at least as bad as the worst-case scenario.

    The slight postponement of the apocalypse would be comforting if we were not at the very nibbbling temporal edge of the process.


    Wait, therefor, six months and we will be ahead of the worst case scenario before last...or sumpin like that....


    West Antarctica Warming Faster Than Thought, Study Finds





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