Ye and Jim at the White House

    Kanye West put on an embarrassing performance at the White House. He clearly has issues. Kanye is the shuffling type of Negro that appeals to Trump’s base. Sitting next to Kanye was former Cleveland Browns great Jim Brown. Jim Brown’s claim to fame off the football field is physical abuse of women.

    Ye at the White House

    Jim Brown

    West and Brown played Stephen Fetchit for Donald Trump and the Republicans.

    Van Jones had argued that Ye should be given a chance when discussing the lunch meeting between Ye and Trump. He now reconsiders his position

    Ye is the type of black person that Trump and his supporters love.


    Don Lemon comments on the Kanye minstrel show. He notes Kanye clearly needs help

    John Legend noted that Kanye has ideas that are “undercooked”

    Ye..candidate for position in administration? Which Cabinet Department?

    1. Department Energy - Assistant Secretary for Dragon Energy Development

    2. Department of Education  - Course curriculum for Kardashinism, a Path to Ye

    3. Department Commerce - Deputy Secretary for IPlane design  

    It was truly embarrassing. I can’t wait to see the response on AM Joy this weekend.


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