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    Olympic update: gut-check time

    I'm not one of those who see the glass as seven-eighths empty. I see it, rather, as one-eighth full. So I'm not crying in my crisp, refreshing Canadian beer over last night's 5-3 loss to the United States in Olympic hockey.

    No, there is an upside: Canada won't have to face Russia or Sweden in the gold-medal game next weekend. The downside is that we will have to beat both those powerhouse teams one-on-one to get within even sniffing distance of the podium. Assuming we can first dispatch Germany tomorrow night.

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    Big Olympic scandal: bogus flags on display!

    The Vancouver Olympic organizing committee has gotten a lot of unfair criticism, so I hate to pile on.
    But I've watched quite a few medal presentation ceremonies over the past few days, and I'm now fairly positive: that is not Canada's flag on display.
    Ours is a red maple leaf on a white central square, with two red bands half as wide on either side. Its proportions are therefore 1:2.
    All the flags I see raised at the medal ceremonies appear to be 2:3. And I'm making allowances for camera angles.

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    Tiger Woods announces switch to Christianity to save marriage

    Taking a break from his sex addiction therapy, Tiger Woods today discussed his recent problems and announced that he will switch to Christianity as per the advice of Fox News journalist Brit Hume.

    Here is a snippet from Friday’s press conference with Woods from the Match Play Championship in Florida:

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    A Jack Johnson pardon awaits only a signature from Barack Obama

    It seems the moment that Barack Obama took over the Presidency of the United States, his overall message changed. “Change We Can Believe in” morphed into “Bipartisanship: Now and Forever.” Like Bill Clinton before him, the need for Republican acceptance has become a an almost fetish for Obama, with the results thus far quite predictable – the U.S. government is now radically partisan.

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    Why College Football Playoffs Are Wrong

    So a lot of people, including the President, have been talking lately about remedying the evils of college football. The chief evil that needs remedying is apparently the Bowl Championship System, which isn't enough of a "real" championship and needs to be replaced with a system of playoffs. That's a big surprise to me, because I can think of a lot of other problems with big-time college football, and instituting playoffs would probably make them worse.

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    UK takes Blair to task; U.S. to do same – to College Football

    Our cousins across the pond took former Prime Minister Tony Blair to task yesterday during an Iraq War Inquiry. Not to be out done, the Obama Administration has announced it is ready to do its own investigation – of the Bowl Championship Series.

    From ESPN:

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    Brock Lesnar finally opens up about Universal Health Care

    For the past year or so, one question has been on everyone’s mind: What does UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar think about Universal Health Care?

    Finally, we have an answer – not much.

    “I love Canada,” said Lesnar. “Some of the best people and best hunting in the world, but I wasn’t in the right facility.”

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    Tim Tebow’s mom didn’t get an abortion so no woman should have choice – a Super Bowl Special

    While the team’s are still undecided, this Super Bowl XLIV promises to be a truly spectacular event where all Americans can come together and be thankful – for the fact that Tim Tebow’s mom didn’t abort him.

    From the Denver Post:

    Focus on the Family will air a 30-second “life- and family-affirming” television spot, featuring University of Florida star quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam, during the coverage.

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    Mark McGwire admits to steroids! Also, Pope admits to Catholicism

    Mark McGwire has come out and admitted the one thing everyone knew about him – that he took performance-enhancing drugs. Of course, as has been his wont since his retirement from baseball, McGwire did so in a cowardly and milquetoast manner.

    “I was given a gift to hit home runs,” said McGwire, who is attempting to return to baseball as a hitting instructor for the St. Louis Cardinals. “I believe I was given this gift. The only reason I took steroids was for health purposes.”

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    Favorite things: wall-to-wall hockey

    Don't mean to step on anyone's franchise (no need to lawyer up, Deadman) but I simply have to share this armchair fan's elation at tonight's orgy of televised hockey fare: four games to choose from, spread over the next seven hours -- and much of it top-notch.

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    I'll have what Tiger's having

    Reading material! I'm talking reading material. Jeez!

    I read today that sales have soared for British science popularizer John Gribbin's Get a Grip on Physics. The reason? Photos of Tiger Woods's crashed SUV showed a copy of that 2003 book on the floorboards. So Tiger wasn't distracted by the drugs or alcohol he'd imbibed, or wife Elin tossing golf clubs at his speeding vehicle. He was simply so engrossed in the book that he failed to successfully exit his driveway. That's some riveting reading!

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    Sarah Palin hires Witch Doctor to remove Demons from Tiger Woods so we can all talk about Sarah Palin some more

    LA LA LAND - Former Alaska Governor and current multi-millionaire Sarah Palin, noting that she has received less attention in the past few days due to the scandals surrounding Tiger Woods, has announced that she will be hiring Kenyan Pastor Thomas Muthee - her personal witch doctor - to remove the demonic spirits from Woods.

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    Did Tiger Woods story go from amusing to tragic? Woman rushed from Woods' home on life support

    (FINAL UPDATE: According to People Magazine, the woman taken from Tiger Wood's home in an ambulance was his mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg. Hospital spokesman Dan Yates told reporters that Holmberg, a well-known politician in Sweden, was admitted for stomach pain and is currently undergoing evaluation. He described her condition as stable. A family member also confirms that Holmberg is in stable condition and undergoing evaluation. -- WKW)

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    Barack Obama named Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Champion - Obama vs. Kimbo Slice bout in the works

    LAS VEGAS - In a shocking move by Ultimate Fighting Championship owner Dana White, President Barack Obama has been named the winner of Ultimate Fighter season 10, replacing Roy Nelson as this season’s winner.

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    Tiger Woods to do photo shoot for Playgirl

    SIMI VALLEY - Celebrated golfer Tiger Woods - in the midst of his biggest personal crisis - has announced that he will do a full photo shoot for Playgirl Magazine’s Christmas issue.

    “Tiger’s aware that he’s let down many of his fans recently,” said a spokeman for Woods. “We believe this photo shoot will remind people of just how impressive Tiger really is.”

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    Wars? Health Care Reform? Massive unemployment? Ask Tiger Woods, says Harry Reid

    In the latest bit of proof that today`s politicians are running the show only because the best and brightest wouldn`t get within 20 miles of politics, Sen. Harry Reid showed his compassion and transparency, all the while loading up on Tiger Woods Keywords.

    From HuffPo

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    America: Land of the Free, home of the Penis-Gazers

    For more than 30 years, Americans of all sizes, shapes and colors admired Tiger Woods and his golf game. Now, when the name Tiger Woods is mentioned, you can only think of one thing - his Penis.

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    Tiger Chasing Tail Just Par for the Course

    I'm shocked by this whole Tiger Woods scandal. Not by Tiger's behavior, of course, but by the silence that seems to be accompanying it, at least in my circle of friends on Facebook.

    I really expected to be bombarded today with status updates addressing the emerging Tiger Woods scandal. I expected them to be mainly from women expressing some degree of disappointment or outrage. Instead, I only saw one status update that fit the bill.


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