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Am I the Only One Who Was Once a Teenager?

When Gina Haspel “answered questions it reminded me of when I was  teenager, just learning to lie to my parents:  

1.  “Did you go to the party at Annie Thomas’s pajama party , like you said.?” 

1*. Did you ever meet alone with president trump?

Answers:   “YES!!  I went to Annie’s party”   [[ for ten minutes....The rest of the time I was at the big block party because there were no parents around.]]

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Stormy Weather — Live Blog

I was hoping DDay would do this, but I’ll step up to the plate.  I will pretend to care about the substantive issues:

1.  Will she live up to expectations (I’m saying meh)

2.  Will the dvd be shown?  Probably not. 

3. Will DJT end up suing her for millions?

4. Will Melania divorce him after this?  No.  (I think he is holding Barron hostage)

5.  Will it matter to his base?  Ha!

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Bernie to Republicans, "You're Welcome"

Monday on CNN, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will host a town hall on health care:

Patty Murray, a Democrat who had been working on a bipartisan committee with Lamar Alexander, was not asked to participate.  She is well-regarded by most, and has had a clear head and a clear objective (fixing and expanding Obamacare) in order to serve more people.  

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The Most Appropriate Thing to do During the "President's" Screed

I remarked that when he turns his head he looked like Liberacci.  My cat had a better idea:  She spent the whole time licking her ass.

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Back From The Abyss? Not So Fast

Tuesday night was a symptom.  The disease of rot is much worse.  From a TPM commenter, this pretty much sums up the problem, but to carry on with the health metaphor, it doesn't provide a prognosis, or a treatment.  We are in big trouble:

The long term picture is what is most worrying: the damage is extensive. Very extensive. People are under the impression that this is an anomaly (and it is, to be sure) that will be corrected with an election. 

It won't.

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You Read it Here First

If I may say so without seeming to brag, I have an uncanny ability to "read" people. When Nunez  came out of his meeting with Trump, he had a distinct look of someone trying to contain his panic. I could sense the fear on his face.  Now, there are also objective findings, such as his breaking of protocol in racing over to the White House to meet with (warn) trump.  Not to mention the scathing interview with Adam Schiff about Nunez's bizarre behavior. 

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Congrats to Peracles Please on Joining the Masthead!

So delighted to see this addition to Dagblog's fine masthead.  I have learned a lot, and enjoyed the writing that PP regularly contributes.  

Break a Leg, Peracles!

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Can Americans Sue Comey?

My sister just texted me that she thinks Hillary should sue Comey.  I responded that Hillary should just enjoy her life doing whatever will make her happy, and not get into the dirt of any lawsuit.   

Then I began thinking about who was really damaged by his actions, and half of the country was.  I haven't been able to find anything on the possibility of having a Class Action lawsuit against him for the aggrieved parties.  I realize that it would be impossible if he had followed protocols, but he didn't, and even went against his boss's verbal instructions not to do what he did.

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No Comment. No Policy. No Reaction. No Eye Roll. Np Push-back. No Sigh, No Bulshit...I could go on, but why?

I have had the tired job of watching the TV today after a weekend of camping and I am very tired,  I have to say that all the hubbub and BS that has preceded this event makes me wonder how The Trump Con Show expects this to make it happen.

This absurd effort to make truth a joke is only one effort to the Trump Familiy is yet one more example of their patheticaness 


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Donald's LGBTQ moment

Did you hear him?  He was carefully reading out the letters. Could there be a less ingenuous point?  And then he moves onto Muslims.  He is the best leader EVER!  Well, at least according to Ivanka.


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