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59% Obama vote women

Ayup, looks like 59% of Obama's vote was female voters in a highly gender defined election. Women made up about 54% of the voters and favored Obama 55-45, so roughly Obama's base is 59% women, 41% men.

So will women get some of the love back, or will they have to fight tooth and nail (oops) for basics like use of contraception, proper health care, abortion rights, and some of the less "soft" non-reproductive-related issues that women might prefer?

Big Winner: Nate Silver, Big Data

In a veer to reality-based elections, Nate's total prediction this time, 49 right last gives us hope that the effects of the chattering class will be diminished next time.

After chumps like Dick Morris blew all credibility (did they have any left?) proclaiming a blowout to be, when any casual glance at the ground games in needed states proved it hoo-hah?

An Election Day Wish: End Precinct Voting

In an age where we can pull $1000 out of any ATM worldwide, it's absurd that we're stuck in an age-old tradition of going to a particular precinct on a particular day to stand in a pretty retro booth to vote.

There's no reason not to have voting places where everyone can vote if we can't just do it via our mobile phones (yes, there are considerations for voting fraud, but as new last minute software for Ohio machines shows, we have this to contend with anyway).

Why to Vote Against Obama


Alan Grayson catalogs: “a socialist nightmare hellscape.”

Obama Unjumps Shark?

Perhaps like Katrina was a turning point for Bush's presidency, Sandy will be a turning point for Obama's.

After 4 years of 11-dimensional chess, this one's curiously a no-brainer - get help to people quick, get the power back on, get the payments in, streamline response.

I was ready to write a column about how we could get resources in *before* the storm, since we knew they'd lose power, subways would be flooded - and there's Brownie criticizing Obama for acting too quickly. Well that's a good side of the fence to be on.

Winners & Losers

Winner - Lena Dunham, now the viral video Obama Girl 2012 along with monster book advance - I feel a bad Foreigner hit coming on...

Loser - Donald Trump, still finding ways to look ridiculous post-The Apprentice

Winner / Loser - Mourdock, finding the positive side to Richard Speck and Albert DeSalvo, and portrayed as Voldemort on Stephen Colbert, has earned himself a lucrative earlier-than-expected post-congressional Fox career. 

4th Estate as 5th Column

I disagreed with Emma a few days ago over the idea we needed more "hacks", but now I'm reconsidering...

Bob Somerby as usual's doing a bang-up job tracking the media madness, and in 2 particular areas his observations fit together -

1) the media pack has gotten chummier of late with its Groupthink as Twitter helps them align their stories (sad, but bars used to serve this purpose, and at least then you could say you got a buzz)

Mourdock/Warhol lunch at Palm

Seen by society folks, Andy met Richy at The Palm, and seems Rich is the go-to-gal for heart-felt emotions, at least for this 15 seconds. Main theme - no such thing as bad publicity, and that new gig at Fox holding up God's values won't hurt at that, what with unexpected retirement. Mourdock took occasion to show he's man of the earth by not bitching about the vinaigrette dressing. And you probably thought he was a Hoosier or something...

Romney sneezes; more proof he's presidential

By agreeing with every word the president said, Romney proves he's more presidential than the president.

Ironically, for a guy who rode into town on the back of post-partisan politics, Obama seems to have forgotten the lesson he mastered in the first debate - "just shut up and everyone will hate you". ("Everyone" being anyone from 5 or so media outlets who rawk our world)

Dems still without defense?

Bob Somerby has been noting the month-long right-wing attacks on Susan Rice (over many columns). It seems that both Fox & CNN keep distorting and cherry-picking what Rice said and that her original next-day comments contained the bulk of what we know now:

The consulate was attacked on 9/11. Information was incomplete, so hard to draw conclusions, but seemed a protest similar to Egypt's was co-opted by a Libyan militant group, that may or may not have ties with Al Qaeda.


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