This classic "herding cats" problem is why Joe is a good candidate at a time of national crisis?

    It's also why his V.P. pick is extra important? As to what happens after the election


    The V.P. choice is extra important, especially if the the Dems can win the Senate and break the Mitch wall of No.

    In terms of developing policy and returning to functioning government practices, the Cabinet selections and who will be Chief of Staff are arguably equally important. The institutional triage needed is a deep challenge that should develop consensus even amongst sharply divided points of view.

    There's no glue, common sense, facts, oaths to the Constitution, respect for equality, ethics, ideology, TeeVee channel, or self interest holding America together. But we had a great run!

    pollyanna much? laugh

    more seriously, along the lines of what you say, it behooves not to forget the many different types of nightmares that would have been visited upon a President Hillary every step of the way if she had rightfully been awarded the presidency. Especially with Trump on Fox every night narrating stories for the fans. Despite all Trump's horrific flaws and practices, the troubles ARE more about our populace than about him. And Hillary was a special lightning rod and nothing she could do to fix that.

    Comes to mind here: if all they can think of to attack Joe is that he's old and "crime bill!" we're on pretty good ground? He's good on being able to re-direct from culture wars distraction.

    Again, that's also where the V.P. comes in, if they can be made a lightning rod for culture wars stuff or not.

    Biden is especially admirable for his effort to once again confront the disastrous sequelae of the reign of a Republican, this time the worst most moronic traitorous scum, and his family,  in US history.

    The Republican Party has, intentionally,  so corrupted and hollowed out the government to discourage anyone honest from even contemplating entering politics. That they still do in the Democratic Party (unlike say Flake in the GOP) try to make this country, and the 40% who are frankly idiots, a better place, is something to give thanks for.

    A major problem that has to be dealt with before and after election:

    Here's a new protest tribe adding more divisiveness on the left of the aisle? Anti-white-liberal gentrifer protesters. don't know where or when it is but the tweet struck me because of how many approving replies it has gotten today:


    Bernie Bros got new gig? Or are these the ones who don't bother to vote?

    Damn!  Beat me to it....where the fuck did they get one?  My recent FB post responding to the cruel North Carolina unemployment insurance fiasco...


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    Doctor, doctor, gimme some pills gonna cure our ills…/how-north-carolina-transfor…

    Joseph-Ignace Guillotin

    He doesn't scare conservatives?!!!

    What JK Rowling's been writing about - he's a pussy, but not a pussy-from-birth, And somehow that makes him *more* acceptable, maybe even more of a woman (remember when Obama was expected to champion women's issues better than his female opponent?)

    Anyway, i'm keeping my mouth shut, at least til after January. Dont need a 2nd Nov '16. Fool mě twice, wont get fooled again.

    ETA - Playboy out with the 1st non-Hef man on Its cover - as if renouncing nudisty wasn't bad enough, a hairy-face dude that goes by the name "Bunny" with little rabbits on his lips is just the kind of awful annoying shit we're coming to. Suddenly i feel like an old codger complaints "I want my Raquel Welches and Valerie Perrines and Twiggys and Laugh-in era Goldie Hawns back". Even Tiny Tim was better than this. But that world for some reason has passed on.

    Who still reads Playboy?

    Metrosexuals and trans people? No idea.

    I understand what Rowling is saying about him, it's an attractive feature to many women": responsible father figure, "I'll take care of you," without the nasty macho side that can come along with that. But he can get tough, seen it in hearings and the like-and this is why Joe Lunchpail tends to like him, too. Just not usually a bully! Can and will do street fights, but wants them to be fair.

    Conservatives not afraid--that I think is more that they see him like Joe Lunchpail does? Not as pandering to every nostrum and interest group. Hillary and Obama got painted that way even tho centrists in reality, the kumbaya it takes a village socialist stuff. He hasn't for some reason, he's still looked at like an old fashioned machine Dem--LBJ, Richard Daley, that kind. Probably helps him with these people that he's not always politically correct!

    (Edit for missing word)

     He hasn't for some reason

    What state did he represent?  Delaware, the state so many businesses rely on to keep their secrets. :)


    excellent excellent point

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