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    For God's Sake, Sarah! Tell us what you're doing!!

    Speaking as a some-time member of the corporate media, let me just say that Sarah Palin's recent Bus Tour has been driving me nuts. Not only won't Palin tell the Media what the main purpose of the tour is, aside from the hazy patriotic gibberish, but she hardly gives the "Lamestream Media" the time of day!

    Now, I understand that Palin quit her job as Governor of Alaska half-way through and that it's highly unlikely she'll ever hold a political office again. But what is the bus tour about!?

    Also, I know she effectively tanked the floundering John McCain Presidential candidate when millions of Americans reacted to her with a shudder. But why is she touring the nation?!

    Really, everyone, I get it. Sarah Palin sits around and demagogues all day. She has no real plan on anything. She still doesn't seem to understand domestic policy, foreign policy or reading. The nation has utterly soured on her and she has no place in political discourse.

    But she's on a bus! And not talking to us! What is happening?!

    I mean, all I want is to get a picture taken with her and get her autograph. C'mon, Sarah, lighten up!



    If it were the 90s, she would have a 900 number that would charge you 50 cents a call that you could dial to find out if she's in or out of the campaign.  What's she doing?  She's Selling Sarah Palin.  It's what she does.

    From Alexander Burns at Politico, quoting Steve Duprey, an RNC committeeman and former McCain campaign honcho ...

    1. With Trump and other potential candidates dominating the media for the past four months, Governor Palin has not been in the news. Not being in the news is like denying her oxygen. If she decides not to run for office, this tour will have, at a minimum, put her back in the news and will have reminded the republican party and her television show viewers that she is a force in the party and will shape the debate whether in or out.

    2. If she decides to run she will certainly have revved up her base and gotten people excited- let's face it- she is interesting and refreshing and unorthodox. Just by taking the tour she forced Representative Bachmann to spend her entire last week explaining how she and Governor Palin were not competitors or fighting for the same base of voters. Her tour quickly started to drown out the serious news and very successful announcement by Tim Pawlenty.

    3. The bus tour also gives her family a chance to remind themselves of the craziness they may be signing up for- a dry run to see if they really want to spend the next year and a half doing this is, at a minimum, not a bad thing.

    Personally, I think she's just jealous of the notorious pantie shot that's in the news these days and wants her limelight back. Cool

    Well for the most part, I really don't care what quitter is up to.

    It's interesting that she has the media wrapped around her little finger though...  kind of funny that the 'lame stream' media is so captivated with her.  It seems like she is courting the media... probably helping Fox News to increase their dropping ratings and letting them all know who has the power here. 

    The funniest thing seems to be that she and her family would be 'educating' the public about the foundation of America while she is actually out misinforming the public about the foundations of our country.  Who needs the education here?


    I dont think that worked! So I give Mediamatters' link.

    Rush tells us that Politico is chickified or some such.

    I recently wrote about someone taking a bat to frogs.

    The idiot.

    But why can't we send this idiot to go visit rush?

    Just a thought!

    Oh, poor Sarah!  After all, she has no idea where she is going (as her syntax suggests), she only knows where she wants to end up (on Easy Street).  Her kids hardly went to school; only Bristol has signed on to the gravy train.   

    If she just looked ordinary, her less-than-ordinary brain would stir no interest at all in her lemming followers.

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