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    Paul Ryan announces large charitable donation to ‘The Human Fund’

    WASHINGTON — Stung by criticism over using a soup kitchen for a staged photo op that showed him washing dishes that were already clean, Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has announced he will be making a large donation to the Human Fund.

    “I understand the outrage some feel over the soup kitchen incident, and I want to show all Americans that in my heart, I am a charitable person,” said Ryan. “This donation should really make people forget that other stuff.”

    The Human Fund was created in 1997 from a grant from Kruger Industrial Smoothing. While records of its charitable giving are sketchy, the organization contends it provides “Money for People.” Despite the fact that the Human Fund is connected to the controversial holiday Festivus, Ryan said he was proud to support the charity.

    “While I can’t say I celebrate Festivus, I must say the ‘Feats of Strength’ part of the holiday intrigues me,” said Ryan. “Just this morning I did 1,300 sit-ups in 15 minutes and then lifted 100 pounds right over my head like it was nothing.”

    The director of the Human Fund, one G. Costanza of New York City, could not be reached for comment for this article.


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    As long as he symbolically makes things look right...  we can pretend that he is qualified to be a Vice President... who may  have to assume the role of president... sure.

    There's a video on that first link, and in it you can hear Ryan talking about how he had to wash dishes one summer and how it can build up calluses. You also hear him explaining to his children how to put soap in the pans, etc., making it clear that his children have never washed dishes before in their lives.

    Ha! More malarky. When you wash dishes you don't get calluses -- you get dishpan hands. Doink!

    The Human Fund is a great charity. Art Vandelay supports it. 

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