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    Bump Stocks? Las Vegas? Caught in a Cattle Pen and Nowhere to Hide (video)

    The gunfire sound alone?

    It will raise the hair on the back of your neck.



    NYTimes - 10/05/2017
    As Bump Stock Demand Surges, Retailers
    Remove the Product From Websites

    "Officials said that 12 of the rifles found in the gunman’s suite were outfitted with bump stocks."






    Shocking. Also shocking the deplorables all run out to buy bumpfire stocks immediately on hearing that this sicko killed 59 people with them. And Hal thinks they need more disposable income.

    Would that rush to buy happen in any other country on earth? This country's future is...well....not looking too good currently.

    Hi Ducky!

    All I can think about is Guns & Roses.

    The pain, the humanity, the loss....

    Oh well, this is all I got:

    My drunken father used to tell me:


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