Katrina General Honoré: Condemns Trump Administration Disaster Response

    Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, on Jared Kushner: "I don't believe he knows what the hell he is talking about."

    Commander of Joint Task Force Katrina: it's time for FEMA to hand some of this mission off to the DOD.



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    The Trump Death

    Nancy Pelosi got hella shit for calling Covid19 


     "The Trump Virus".


    Historians disagree.


    The correct name for this disease, as far as the United States is concerned:




    That's how plague nomenclature works...


    The health system we were working with before this started

    In one picture, after the jump. Something to keep in mind. This is where we were at, Obamacare's effects were no longer making serious care accessible for anyone living paycheck to paycheck. Only a few basics were mandated fully covered. Everything else went absurdly sky high "asking price" and then the insurers negotiated things down in contracts. Constantly playing contractual games with providers. (So much so that sometimes even doctors didn't know if they were in plan or not. day to day, maybe the clinic he's at on Tuesday is under contract with Cigna while the one he's at on Thursday is not.) The patient still left with huge co-pays and/or deductibles:

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    We are all Puerto Ricans now

    Maybe you remember how the AMERICANS on Puerto Rico were left without power, food, water, medicine and hope following the infliction upon their island of a natural disaster.


    The key statistic, the number of "excess deaths" that accrued in the (whole fuckin') year that painfully unfolded during which the Donald Trump and his Band of Bests not only failed effectively to intervene, but affirmatively used the crisis to loot and pillage.


    Trump should suspend our Iran sanctions.

    It's not in our interest to be seen to be causing them Coronavirus deaths.

    Or put it another way; it's wrong.

    His staff are perfectly capable of rearranging the flowers on the present. I won't suggest except to say sooner would be better  . People are dying.

    AOBTW. It would be in our interest to do it before the Maximum Leader decides

     to offer 50 or so  diseased  warrior an opportunity to a commodius location in heaven in exchange for

    them crossing  our border to have a cup of coffee some place that's open.

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    The active US Military Medical team who serve on the front lines of this tragedy

    I'm in the LA County area...

    USNS Mercy is 'Open for Business'

    With 1000 beds and with a complement of 61 civilians and 1,214 military during this deployment.


    The following is by David Rosenfeld March 29, 2020 at DailyNews.com

    On the coast, the team aboard the USNS Mercy treated its first patients Sunday at the Port of Los Angeles, its towering white outline and bright red cross framing the shoreline off San Pedro.

    "One can't believe impossible

     things." said Alice.
    "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said Donald. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

    Such as  there's  no global warming. Or I didn't need to prepare for  COVID 19.


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    And the Lord God sent the Angel of Death, this time not for the first born only, but for all who worshipped at the demonic cult, and the pestilence was loosed amongst them.


    But upon the lintels of the houses of the pure, this symbol signaled to the Angel that within the dwelling none were to be harmed:


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    Sciencemag.org: Not wearing masks is a ‘big mistake,’ top Chinese scientist says

    Hello Daggers...

    As our member librewolf said...

    To mask or not to mask. Everyone who is out in public should be wearing a mask if they can (in my opinion). The only reason I can see for the recommendations to NOT wear a mask is that they are in short supply (like the tests).

    I agree fully...

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    Living Clean and Reducing Risk of Infection

    We are living in a dangerous time, dealing with something the majority rarely, if ever, even consider – Fighting a contagious, and possibly deadly, microbe. It is a virus known as Covid-19. Many will be sickened, few will escape unscathed, and some of us will die. How many don’t die largely depends on their being able to protect themselves, but more importantly, it depends on the vigilance of everyone else. If you are in my place (the highest risk group) your heart just sank. And every time you watch/read/listen to the news your heart drops a bit further.

    I am not an expert, but I have been living with a double-lung transplant and suppressed immune system for going on 9 years. I also once worked for one of the largest sterilizer companies in the United States earlier in life. So here are my ideas, and what I am practicing, in these perilous times.

    GOP moving to the left?

    Found retweeted by Bloomberg economics columnist Noah Smith. Medlock self describes as s Social democrat in the streets, market socialist in the sheets. Interested in healthcare and welfare policy. The VATman


    Just do it.

    We need 300 million masks and ,say, 5 million Ventilators. Fine.  order them   made. Next week,

    Or OK ,the next week. Whatever.

    The Post Office can distribute them To the best available list. They'd know how to do that.

    Meanwhile  commission the three most competent  suppliers to design the best  replacement  masks or ventilators that can go into production afterwards, To replace the ones that need it. 

    Exactly. We need a Ted Turner type CNN back!

    Uncle Joe appears to be starting his campaign against Trump

    Mr. President — stop lying and start acting. Use the full extent of your authorities, now, to ensure that we are producing all essential goods and delivering them where they need to go. https://t.co/uIi1Rxha1C

    — Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330) (@JoeBiden) March 22, 2020
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    Now batting, Mother "Big Mama" Nature. At first base, Donald "Bill Buckner" Trump.

    Sophisticated Millenials, too young to remember the Gaia Hypothesis and the first Earth Day, will find amusement, perhaps, in a parable informed by the hypothesis of a Universe within which consciousness, and therefor aspiration, pervades all matter.


    Such a framework brings an interesting analysis of the interaction betweeen the election and the pandemic.


    Suppose, arguendo, a panicked demiurge watching the polls that heralded a Trump re-election.


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    OK, Boomer, draft your back story NOW!


    The whispering around the enunciation of a triage  protocol to inform the provision to COVID19 patients of aggressive life support (ventilators to the right...)vs. "comfort care" (sedation to the left) makes timely a consideration of the hazards attendant upon the provision  at the threshold of intervention of an accurate personal and medical history.


    Warren's Plan for Boeing, Wall Street Bailouts

    Warren in the last 48 hours, on stopping 'gaming of the debt and taxpayer bailout system' by the wealthy shareholders and executives of big corporations. Saw this on Twitter, cannot find it on major news site.

    Seems to be ignored by major media. This from Reddit:

    Here are Warren's eight conditions:

    Biden almost bests Hillary

    Remember how in 2016 the media and party told Bernie it's over, that Hillary had it wrapped up, just like for Joe with his whopping 150 margin post-Super Tuesday? Me neither.

    I do remember a lot about Superdelegates, as if that changes things.

    Hillary lead in pledged delegates:
    197 Nebraska of 1130
    206 Mississippi of 1334
    321 Ohio of 2031 (halfway point)
    296 Utah of 2162
    230 Washington of 2304
    4051 Total Pledged Delegates

    oh. my. god. proof how bad things really are.

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    Coronavirus Info & Crisis Links

    Hey Hey...

    Parking this here for my reference purpose...

    Coronavirus Crisis Links

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    The V.A. is preparing to back up the health care system.


    More than once I have advocated for expansion of the Veterans Administration to become our National Health Service.


    It appears that thanks to the current plague pandemic the VA is on track to this 'finale,  but the implicit arrival at the realization that health care cannot intelligently be a profit driven enterprise is going to be a hard learned lesson.

    Coronaviruses: No Vaccines, Herd Immunity Very Unlikely

    This current highly communicable coronavirus, COVID-19, like other coronaviruses (15% of 'common colds") does not create lifetime immunity like measles virus.

    How long immunity lasts for this coronavirus is not known, but it is probably less than a year. See Fauci below, on the need for a seasonal vaccine for multiple coronaviruses. There is not now a vaccine for any of the many types of cornoaviruses. One additional problem for vaccines, is the immune response to the virus itself can be the major cause of damage to the lungs.


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