So Happy To Have Found DogBlog!

    Hi everybody, I am as excited as a greyhound running after a bus to have found this vital community of interested canine-carers. Dogs are everything to me.  I have seven of them, eight if you count them all. These are the kinds:

    • Black Lab
    • Golden Retriever
    • Yorky
    • Rotweiler
    • Labradoodle
    • Other
    • Other
    • Other

    I do not believe in breeding pitbulls, though.  Every single person I have ever met who has described a pitbull as a reasonable companion if well-trained and cared for has had their face eaten off.  That's like three people I know with no faces at all. I call them the faceless masses.

    But on to dogs, which is why we are all here.

    Who do you all pick to win at Westminster this year?  I'd be my last snausage on a dachsund. It's just that kind of year.  Put a picture of your favorite dog in the comments below.  I love Dogblog, though I don't understand the fixation with Teddy Roosevelt at all. Here is one of my others:

    Long live dogblog!




    Sometimes I wonder if PP doesn't stand for Party Pooper.

    Piddle Pooper. I dont belong to any Party, as none would have me as a member.

    ToS warning for "Pooper"

    Don't be such a ToSser.

    Love that doggie 'do!


    This is Poppy. You know, on account of the ears. Popping up and all. Technically, she's my granddog, but she lives with me.



    Please vote for Bernie Sanders!  My daddy promises he'll rub my belly if you do.

    Isn't this a tos violation? A blog by a terrorist sympathizer with numerous photos of terrorists.


    Disclaimer: Kaida

    would like to state for the record that OceanKat is actually a dog lover who only pretends to be a Kat on dogblog.

    Welcome. I can add a Chesapeake Retriever and a Basset Hound mix--both wandered onto my country property in N. Texas. We love dogs, God's special gift to humans.

    As for Teddy Roosevelt he loved dogs, his favorite being no less than a Chesapeake Retriever named Sailor Boy. This breed might be the only true N.American continent one. They are not aggressive but will stand their ground and in chasing tennis balls they will keep going all day long. Mine will never admit to being tired but will pretend to be playing around catch her breath for another run. She loves to dig for moles and gophers and if not she digs a hole, puts a tennis ball in it and plays what I call "pretend a mole".

    Oops, I thought this was My bad.

    TOS warning, it's not April Cute Day.

    Watcha gonna do about it?

    So cute, but she looks haven't been reading her any of the comments to other streams, I hope.

    She's a Bernie babe. I snapped this photo after Clinton won Texas.

    Ah youth. I hope you're teaching her already to think long-term, logistically.Bob La Folette took more than a day. Is she a Ring-waif? Most auspicious.

    It's sad that so many parents don't understand their children. The old generation gap and all that. This young feminist is clearly upset her father isn't voting for Hillary. She wonders why her dad is fine with Hillary being a secretary but wants to hold women to those traditional roles. Can't you hear her saying, "Dad! It's not the '50 anymore."

    Now it's on.


    I am waiting for a new grand kid any minute.

    What a pretty baby.

    OMG she is gorgeous! She looks like her mama doesn't she. laugh

    Ha. Her mama wishes. She looks just like my baby pictures. Hopefully, she'll age better!

    Congratulations Mike to you and your entire family!!!

    Please send this little package post haste.  I will pay whatever extra postage it requires.

    Thank you very much,  Nana

    No! She's mine! My precious!

    I just off the phone with my son.

    Mama has to go to the hospital.

    The baby is too too big.

    Just like the last one.

    I am worried.


    You aint worried no more!

    Mine is tiny! Full term but only 5 lbs 9 oz at birth. Good luck to your son and daughter-in-law and too-big-grand-kid-to-be!

    There is no other place to put this thought.

    Six pounds less, that is just fine.

    Ten or more years ago my son worked for this real estate management corporation; like he does now but in a more inferior position.

    And he would tell me that in his office; his office meaning a desk amongst so many other desks; when he would receive a signed lease he would quote Lord of the Rings whilst holding the new lease to his heart:


    So a few years later he met his wife who had signed up for a rental.

    And so when his new love produced their first daughter, I always referred to her as Precious.


    This means nothing but to me it means everything.

    Mike, you have begun an entirely new life.

    You will always love and care for your Precious.

    Even if years from now, she slams the door. hahahahahah



    Thank you, Richard. I had no idea that your Precious was a LotR reference. Very cute. Get some sleep tonight, and may you have wonderful news in the morning.

    I do not know where to put this.

    But my third Granddaughter was issued into this chaotic world on April 4, 2016.

    And Mama delivered Baby at 9.5 lbs I am sure. hahahaha

    But she is just fine and two grandmas are there to help out and Daddy has time off from work to help Mama and Baby and two sweet little sisters.

    My son will not permit me to reproduce the photos.

    But one pic has Precious holding Baby and Jolee attempting to communicate. And Baby is staring at 


    Baby is named: Willow; Willow Grace!


    By the third grade Baby will become Weeping Willow for sure!

    It does not matter. All names are funny in the proper context.

    Hell, I was DICK!

    Life at times aint that bad afterall.


    Anyway, congratulations to you and to my son.


    Congratulations, Grandpa!!!!  Don't worry about the name; in 6 months you will wonder how they could pick such a perfect one for her.  Enjoy!!!!!

    I went nuts Cville as if I have never taken that tour before, when I first heard her name.

    I told my son on the phone: How amazing!

    What a wonderful name.

    And on that same phone I am saying hello to Precious and Jolee and Mama....

    Oh, Oh, my son trusts me so very much that he always tells me that we are on SPEAKER....


    I do not know why, but it makes me laugh.

    Seany is protecting children.

    Seany is protecting decency.

    Seany is protecting his daughters now.


    ​Now five years later, my son has become a protector of children and female rights.

    I am dumbfounded.

    I love my son (of course) but I love his new found energy and his new found understanding.

    Seany does not just pretend to love his children, his wife and women all over the world...

    Seany loves life as well as the opportunity to improve our planet.

    Some folks have fathers who are their true heroes.

    My Hero is my son.


    THE END.



    DDay, you are so right, and you made me remember that having a grandchild (mine is named Carter Belle) has a second benefit.  The first is the wonderful opportunity to see this wonderful child grow and develop, learning to talk, getting a sense of humor; one day seeing a particular expression that is a carbon copy of your own child; and   all the while, we grandparents get to sleep all night(!). Second, though and equally important is the joy of seeing our sons become the kind of men we hoped they would be.  I am so proud of my son and his wife...they make me so happy.

    I know,, I am dragging this out. hahahahah

    My son has become; sounds like Nietzsche. hahahahhaha

    ​Yeah. Parents have times or days when they cannot sleep.

    My son has become the man I hoped he would be. 

    Sean became more than I could ever hope that he would be.

    He never gave up on me and took time and money to see me over a decade ago and continued.

    Sean would tell me that he would have a house of his own and children of his own after finding his own true love a decade ago. 

    I just never saw all this coming.

    Oh, and Sean would be 'up here' and we might be walking the old downtown of Virginia and there would be this lovely girl, and he would say:

    Oh she will not be up here much longer.


    No kidding.

    That was a long time ago and yet Sean found this wonderful girl as a rental client and....

    And this wonderful woman came from up here. hahahahahah Years later.

    And now he has a house of his own, and a wife of his own, and children of his own and...

    Do you believe in magic?



    I do now!




    AHHHH she has my hair.

    Can we get back to what this post is about?

    That baby upthread looks like she needs her own dog.

    I thought about this. hahahahah

    I welcome Puppylove to our small blog.

    A great idea actually.

    Welcome PuppyLove.


    As you already know Flower, we dagblogs sometimes go awry. hahhahaahah


    That is good enough, aint it Flower?


    We need new peeps and we need new peeps who do not creep and we need peeps who might sometimes make us weep...

    I was never that good at rap.

    But I always wish to see Flower and once PuppyLove sees Flower...

    We shall increase our readership.

    the end

    I hate to break it to you, DD, but I don't think PuppyLove is a really new reader. Which is why I didn't worry about hijacking the thread.

    PS It is April 1st, you know, for at least one more minute.

    PPS It wasn't me

    With that haircut there's only one person it could be. #FeelThePerm

    Seems like a PuppyMaster pulling our (heart) strings. 

    I am so embarrassed to have to tell you all this but on closer inspection of this blog... you all have a typo in the blog name!

    Not a typo - "dogblog" domain was taken, but we're fighting for "" - keep you posted. Originally started out to be a paper, but you know how it is with dogs...

    Oh that is to be expected.

    I got a headline misspelled:

    Like Aint That Bad!


    Like, aint that bad?

    He's a comin' down the street

    Now I tell you, confidentially

    He aint sad.  


    Like, aint he sweet?

    DD's a comin' down the street

    now I ask you, confidentially,

    aint he bad?


    Richard, you aint that bad.

    Peace to you and yours. And to the dogs and babies of the world.

    May we have more friefly dogs here at Dogblat, er.


    Firefly dogs or frufru pugs? I'm afraid it'll turn Dogmatic, and then all sorts of hell breaks loose - feelings unleashed and exploding hydrants... the Lady is a Trump kinda thing.  Yeap, braking bad, freaking mad.

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