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    Trump Is Right!

    Turns out Trump may not be the psychopathic liar we all (mostly) think he is.  I know!  SAD!  According to a secret investigative report by the New York Magazine, Obama and Hillary did INDEED found ISIS.  We can, of course, expect the journalists involved in the article to turn up missing in the coming days ...

    Read this AMAZING work by previously sad losers from a failing rag while you still can!!


    Loose lips sink ships!  If this gets out. . .

    Hi Missy.

    Two months in a row with my son and his kids (in the next two days)

    I lose track.


    .But, T-Rump is the single biggest liar I have ever seen or heard or read in my entire life-time.

    I know Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin and Mao and....

    But we live in an era with videotape and audiotape and Scotch tape and all sorts of tape.


    ​And all we have are standards.

    I mean is this sombitch guilty by a preponderance of the evidence?

    Or is this sombitch guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. hahahaha

    ​Or is this sombitch so contradictory with regard to his own statements that the issue is always:

    Were you lying then or are you lying now.


    And besides, I thought ISIS was an important Egyptian Goddess

    But I digress. hahahahah

    Oh, Osiris, please deliver us from evil.


    Links can come, and links can go.

    There is no point or gravitas as far as this song but, I keep hearing it. 

    Oh, but again I forgot to take my meds, I guess?





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