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    FRIDAY FOLLIES: On Sheen, Cryer, Franco, Oscar, Boehner, and small triumphs where we find them

    Okay, this was the week of Charlie Sheen.  He was all over the place (in more ways than one) and actually set a Guinness World Record  by opening a Twitter account and getting a million followers in 25 hours and 17 minutes.  (Thereby giving some credence to his semi-delusional "Rock Star of the Planet" claim.) 

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    Respect Jon Cryer

    Jon Cryer isn’t all about winning. Jon Cryer is happy with a draw.

    Jon Cryer’s best-known role as an actor was as Ducky. And he’s Ok with that.

    If a neighbor asked Jon Cryer to pick up their mail while they were on vacation, Jon Cryer would do it. Maybe he’d miss a day, but he would never let the mail pile up.

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    Dear Oscar: The Depression Was Not That Pretty

    I went to see The King's Speech, because it was nominated for all those awards and because Monday is Five Dollar Night. I like the actors in it a lot, but I'm glad I didn't spend more than five dollars. The King's Speech may well win the Oscar for Best Picture, but that just goes to show that you don't need originality, drama, artistic perception or a compelling story to win an Oscar.

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    Kazaky - the greatest thing you'll see all weekend

    This is awesome on more levels than actually exist. Let me present Ukranian sensations, Kazaky


    Just try and feel sad now.


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    Lois Lane, My Love

    Joanne Siegel has passed away. She was the model for the first sketches of Lois Lane and the wife of Superman's co-creator, Jerry Siegel. That gives her the best claim to being Lois Lane that any real person has ever had. In her later years, she was a fierce advocate for her husband's intellectual property claims. I've thought a lot about the Superman creators over the years, and part of me is tempted only to blog about intellectual property.

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    Phone Sex + 3 Minutes

    Update: Rather than push Stardust's piece down, I'm updating here. Mother Jones has a photo essay on phone sex operators, which will ... probably not be so good for business. The woman above writes:

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    Intellectual Property Blues: Beatles Edition

    So, the Beatles are finally available on iTunes, goo goo goo joob. And the news has been greeted with a resounding yawn; many people claim that the move is much, much too late to be hip, and too late to be hip, in the music business, means too late to make a sale. [UPDATE: Since the Beatles sold 2 million songs and 450,000 albums on iTunes this week, I was obviously completely wrong about this.

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    “Blowing Smoke” Blows Away Right-Wing Narratives

    Following the election of Barack Obama to the office of President of the United States, writer Michael Wolraich surveyed the political aftermath and came to a simple conclusion – the Right-Wing has gone utterly mad.

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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: My Pelosi Face

    Gaga pelosi
    Lady Gaga is more powerful than Nancy Pelosi, says Forbes.


    BP Oil Disaster: Business-hating President Barack Obama really went out of his way to shield British Petroleum.


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