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    Sean Hannity murders adorable little puppies

    BRAZIL – Right-Wing Blogger-Patriot William K. Wolfrum today unleashed a new bombshell revelation against Fox News host Sean Hannity. Wolfrum stated that he had evidence of Hannity murdering adorable little puppies.

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    Debbie Schlussel: 'Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concerts are just a giant con'

    What makes these allegations stronger is who they are being made by – unrepentant rightist Debbie Schlussel. And she definitely painted a dark picture of what Fox News Host Sean Hannity is doing with his “Freedom Concerts.”

    “Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concerts are just a giant con,” wrote Schlussel.

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    Shock and Amen: Let's take the war to God

    It wasn’t long ago that we all celebrated our final, decisive victory in the War on Christmas. Once we saw that Fox News had taken to using the world “Holiday” repeatedly, it had become official. The dreaded scourge that was Christmas had once and for all been destroyed.

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    The Best Post in the World: Daniel Larison

    The best post in the world today is Daniel Larison, dismantling Ross Douthat. Douthat has whined in the times that the film The Green Zone condemns the Iraq occupation without appropriate "nuance." That's right. You read that correctly. Take it away, Dr. Larison:

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    It’s your own damned fault if you get murdered

    While murder is still considered a grave crime, today’s enlightened society tends to see it as something more than a black & white issue. Because more often than not, a murder victim has every opportunity to avoid being murdered.

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    Breaking: A drunken Barack Obama chokes living daylights out of Jim Bunning

    WASHINGTON – Inside sources confirm that U.S. President Barack Obama – completely hammered on Coors Light and Alabama Slammers – choked the living daylights out of Republican Senator Jim Bunning, today.

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    The worst thing I can do to Andrew Breitbart

    According to pretend journalist Andrew Breitbart, “The worst thing you can do …in politically correct America…is accuse somebody of being a (sic) racism.”

    Let’s see if I can make it a little worser:

    Andrew Breitbart is a cowardly racist.

    Pass it on.




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