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    Keith Olbermann finished at MSNBC

    Liberals and the Twitters are all abuzz after it was announced that Keith Olbermann taped his last "Countdown" show on MSNBC tonight and will be leaving the network. While immediate speculation was made about Comcast's purchase of NBC being why, thus far, no reason has been given.

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    Answering the Stupidest Questions: Do Dead Cows Mean Biblical Prophecy is coming true?

    Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s episode of “Answering the Stupidest Questions.”


    Today, Time Magazines dares to ask the question ringing in hardly anyone’s mind: “Does the Death of 200 Cows in Wisconsin Confirm Biblical Prophecy?”

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    Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Jared Lee Loughner, Arizona Massacre coverage around the Web

    As the big news agencies initially fumbled the Arizona Massacre story by reporting that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had been killed by shooter Jared Lee Loughner, online news has shown its strength with numerous takes on the shooting, as well as breaking information.

    Here are some stories you may be interested in from around the Web:

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    Embedding Youtube

    A few of you have had trouble embedding youtube. Like some of you, I first tried to use the embed code from youtube. It didn't work for me, either. But I noticed that in the composing menu bar, to the far right is an icon (Insert/edit embedded media) that looks like two frames of film. Single-clicking that icon brings up a window. The first line in that window defaults to Type: Flash. Flash is right for youtube.

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    Julian Assange must die! For starters

    Much has been said about Julian Assange and Wikileaks. The Australian-born hacker has put America in grave danger due to his publication of classified information that someone else stole.

    And he must die.

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    Comfort Post

    I chat films with Jimmy, at my office. He's always mentioning some flick I just have to see, so before Thanksgiving I asked him for a list of films I should rent. He sent this:

    O Lucky Man!
    Nil by Mouth
    The Sporting Life
    Elevator to the Gallows
    Europa, Europa

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    Breaking: Fecal Matter rapidly nearing Fan, no one noticing

    WORLD - Fecal matter is within 13 centimeters of the fan, say noted Swedish researchers in a study to be published in the journal "Hey, We Might Just Be Boned Here Annual." Leading Researcher Tim Jöhnson said the proximity of the fecal matter to the fan should be cause for alarm, but apparently isn't.

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    Intellectual Property Blues: Beatles Edition

    So, the Beatles are finally available on iTunes, goo goo goo joob. And the news has been greeted with a resounding yawn; many people claim that the move is much, much too late to be hip, and too late to be hip, in the music business, means too late to make a sale. [UPDATE: Since the Beatles sold 2 million songs and 450,000 albums on iTunes this week, I was obviously completely wrong about this.

    The Great Media Purge of 2010 - UPDATED

    The decision by MSNBC and its owner GE (Comcast is currently finalizing the purchase of MSNBC) to suspend Keith Olbermann without pay signals the start of a purge of liberal-leaning commentators.  With an activist right-wing Supreme Court, corporate media owners can, without fear of successful legal suits, prune from their trees anybody who speaks for limits on corporate power and against the redistribution of wealth upwards.  With a blood red House of Representatives, the masters of media know that no legislative response to their fiat will be forthcoming.  Some have questioned the decisio

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    History Never Repeats Itself

    Election day is next Tuesday. Papers like the New York Times and Washington Post began publishing their post-mortem analyses of the election results last week. What should Obama do now that next Tuesday's results are in? Highly paid opinion writers have opinions.

    The current conventional wisdom has two basic pillars:

    1) It is currently 1994.

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    Anarchy, Death Nazis! Fox News gives up on 'Elitist' complete sentences

    NEW YORK – “Anarchist, terrorist, commie, death!” said Glenn Beck.

    “Obama 9/11 9/11 Muslim!! Nazi death Democrats!” shouted Sean Hannity.

    While the above appear to be little more than random scare words thrown together, for Rupert Murdoch and Fox News, they institute a new pre-election strategy.

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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: This is War

    Guess which side is winning this particular war?

    Wolfrum's Word

    You aren't supposed to talk about this, but the U.S. is seriously mired in Class Warfare, and has been for a long, long time. And the upper class is just plain kicking the crap out of the lower classes. Perhaps it's time to stop ignoring the raging war around us.


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