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Once upon a time, I lost a post and blogged about it.  This is not that.  I spent hours writing about Trump and Clinton, including everything anyone would possibly want to say but simply couldn't in so eloquently a fashion, only to have it wiped away in one painful swoop.

I will go on.

Trump Is Right!

Turns out Trump may not be the psychopathic liar we all (mostly) think he is.  I know!  SAD!  According to a secret investigative report by the New York Magazine, Obama and Hillary did INDEED found ISIS.  We can, of course, expect the journalists involved in the article to turn up missing in the coming days ...

Read this AMAZING work by previously sad losers from a failing rag while you still can!!


Maybe it's just me, but I'm uncomfortable with a candidate who writes off an entire portion of our country. He's fundraising like a monster but couldn't bother to even campaign in the heavily black southern states? That's not just a lack of outreach and respect it's a deliberate snub.

I've lived in the South all of my life. I'm not black but ... no, there's no but. I'm not black. But trust me - those of us who have lived our lives among and amidst the depth of any southern community know that family lands hard. It fucks you up, it turns the world on a dime and never - EVER - means letting go. Full stop.

Our Choice

Donald J. Trump will be the Republican nominee. Let's stop pretending otherwise and wasting time when there's so much at stake.

So who do we want to put up against him? Let's be honest; no one agrees and likely won't until they're told they're wrong long enough to give in unless they convince the other side that they're totally wrong. Sounds like a caucus. Sounds like politics.

The American Health Security Act of 2013.

Within the current discussion (aka Clinton attacks) going on about universal health care, the Sanders camp - and candidate - are referencing his 2013 Senate bill 1782 as a working basis for his eventual plan. Here is the summary, click below for full bill text. Of the multitude of things I find interesting, including that it has no co-sponsors to date, the push-back against Hillary for how she's portraying it as dismantling the entire current system ranks in the top five.

"Operation Wetback"?

During the Republican debate last night, Donald Trump brought up President Dwight Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" in the mid 1950's as a successful example of mass deportation of illegal Mexican immigrants. For obvious reasons, he didn't name the operation or mention the horrific ways it played out for, arguably, a million people.

'First In The South' Democratic Forum

The 'First In The South' Democratic Forum took place tonight in Rock Hill, SC at Winthrop University. Hosted by Rachel Maddow and broadcast on MSNBC, it was a well designed and visually effective chance to get a personal, less "stumped" look at the Democratic candidates. In order of appearance: Martin O'Malley, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. How did it go?

First, let's completely disregard Chris Matthews and his cohorts both before and briefly afterwards. Moving on ...

Bernie Sanders - Off The Bench

It is fairly easy to understand Bernie Sanders. After all, he's barely changed his positions for decades, he still personally prefers to avoid getting personal (especially about himself), and he's proudly a self-proclaimed Independent Democratic Socialist. Since there isn't a Democratic Socialist Party, technically he's a registered Independent running for president on the Democratic ticket with a Democratic Socialist agenda. But he's Bernie, and it's the Democratic party, so one plus one equals two and a half when it comes to a Revolution.


Could you get by without the internet? Google? Word processing? GPS?

Most of us, when asked, would quickly and easily say sure, no problem, we'd adjust. But when was the last time you used (or saw) a telephone book or a map? Actually looked up reference material in a book? When did you last write something of length in longhand?

If you immediately reach for your phone before your feet touch the ground in the morning, hesitate. There will never be a reason or a way to discard the importance of technology - but it may be just as important to be able to survive it.

Democratic Debate - Afterthoughts

Webb and Chafee are gone; one too complaining and strident, the other just oddly weird.

O'Malley helped himself by being present and forceful, a friendly lefty who turned Baltimore mayoral issues into neighborhood crime control success.

Sanders held his own and then some - he stuck to his platform without being defensive, didn't buy into the moderator's desire for conflict and came across as genuine and compelling.


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