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Danger In Donald's Name

Donald Trump is becoming a dangerous leader of an ignorant, angry base of people who don't give a damn about politics. They aren't looking for ways to improve our economy, policies to help the middle class or the wealthy, taxes up or down, nor do they care about wars in general - their focus is clearly on nationalism with a very white bent. "Immigration" means keeping non-whites out, "unemployment" means a Mexican took your job. "Poor" equals black and dangerous, "religion" means Christian.


I watched a documentary about Glenn Campbell on CNN. Yes, him. The country music star known for such hits as "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Wichita Lineman", the teen actor alongside John Wayne in "True Grit" and an honest-to-goodness shucks ma'am down home good 'ol boy TV show host. He was also diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago. The documentary focused on his last album and tour after learning of his illness ... though it's not quite right to say they learned of it. It was just official.

Bite The Bullet

Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

That's true. Unless you get pistol-whipped or somebody throws it at your head really hard, the gun won't kill you. What tears through flesh, arteries, organs and bone leaving a person dead or dying is the bullet.

To McDonald's With Love

My best friend and I worked at McDonald's when we were barely fifteen. We obviously lied about our age, but the manager didn't care. He was the oldest employee at twenty-two and liked bossing teenagers around - when we weren't all getting high in the break room after hours.

Baltimore On Alert

Freddie Gray was put to rest today amid calls for peace, justice and answers. Hours later, young people - high school age - began assaulting police officers, burning police cars and looting at least two businesses. The Baltimore Sun reports:

Confessions Of A Politiholic

Hi, my name is barefooted and I'm a politiholic.

(Hi, barefooted!)

It's been ages since my last confession but I've been meaning to ... what? Oh, that's a relief, you really don't need to hear all my sins. Some of them would curl your toes. Anyway, where was I? Right. Well, I suppose I should start at the beginning of my sordid descent into political hell ...

Sign 'Em Up

Let's just agree for the sake of reality that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016. Other names have been teased, of course, and a sparse few have expressed a vague interest in running against her - Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb and self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders come to mind. But they know better than anyone else that their chances are nonexistent. Sherrod Brown isn't interested, neither is the only person who would conceivably stand a chance: base favorite Elizabeth Warren.

Scratching An Itch

I've been feeling the urge to write something lately, and it's really starting to annoy me. I keep waiting for a spark, maybe something in the news or just a moment of personal introspection that demands expression. Anything to grab me and shake the words onto the page until my head hurts. And if it doesn't happen soon I may cease to exist.

Winter Storm

There's a massive blizzard rapidly approaching the northeast. The worst conditions are expected to impact New York and Massachusetts beginning tomorrow (Monday) morning and continuing through Tuesday. Strong, gusty winds of 35+ mph will accompany snowfall accumulations forecasted to reach up to 36 inches. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has said the impending storm may be "one of the top two or three worst storms" in the state's history.

Ball Talk

Why are so many people talking about balls all of a sudden? I just don't understand it. Balls have been hanging around for a long time, but now there's all this fuss about how hard they're supposed to be! Did you hear they're even on TV deciding how much balls should weigh? Yes, really!


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