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You're dirty crying

Letting the tears wash you like

Sympathetic soap.


I'm just standing by

Like I have nothing to say

While my knees wrinkle.


What are we doing

As we dance between ourselves

Among the others.


What are we doing

As we find that the others

Are our very selves.




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You Make Us Proud To Be Daggers, Mr. Day (Corrected)

Dick's last blog was about Tiger Woods, in October.  There was one before that, and this one before that:

I can only think we've lost him ... but I'm sure he knew how much we always loved him.  Here, there and everywhere in between.  Wonder how they count reads and comments wherever he is now?

I know this is probably silly.  But I had to say goodbye somehow.

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Hi there, Zoom on in

No, I haven't done Zoom.  Well, that's not entirely true; the other day Alan was doing his first one with a friend of ours and I popped in for a moment over his shoulder.  Trust me when I say that was more than enough for me.  I don't like to have my picture taken, for heaven's sake, so why would I want to see myself while I'm talking to someone else?  I've spent many terrified years imagining video phone calls ... please don't ask me to be camera ready at your disposal.

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I'm afraid to ask ...

... for news about Dick.  But I must.

Stay safe and well, everyone.

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Just Curious


Who's still around these parts?  I see Flavius, AA, jollyroger and rmrd as "readers" and, naturally, a few of the headline gang.  Since I'm not here on a regular basis I'm sure I'm missing some ... but who?  I'd truly be saddened to think this wonderful place has become a virtual water cooler.

Even so, just being here makes me smile.

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Hi there, I'm just stopping by ...

... to say hello.  I've missed this place and all (well, most) of you.  From the looks of things all is as it should be in the land of Dag.  Very nice.

I won't stay and interrupt; I just wanted to let you know that you are never far from my thoughts. 

Take care.

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Breathe With Me

Hi there, come on in.  No, I’m okay, but thanks for asking  … how are you?  Oh, good, I’m so glad to hear it.  She’s better?  Wonderful news, really, and thank you so much for letting us know.  What?  No … not now, maybe later … who’s that behind you?  Hi!  You’ve made my night just by showing up.  I’m sorry, I know.  I’m just distracted for the moment … you, too?  Seriously?  What’s going on?  Grab a seat on the floor with a pillow handy and wait for me, I’ll be right back.  Your place is beside me tonight, and mine is to sit and not move ‘til you breathe.

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Do You Believe Her?

You know the "her" - Christine Blasey Ford. 

I find myself unable to express more than that - do you believe her?  I find myself unable to ask more than that - do you believe her?  I find myself unable to require more than that - do you believe her?

I do.

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Oh, Florence ...

She's going to beat up my home of 53 years.  I can't fight back.  My body isn't there but my heart is, and emotions are everywhere.  It's almost surreal to remember being a part of it, in the midst of it - the fear, the unknown, the almost palpable relief when it finally started because even if you couldn't do more than experience it at least you knew.  While it lasted, you were a part of it.  Every rain drop, every gust.  I can't do that from here and it's crushing me.  I was just there less than three years ago ...

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It's A Get-Together

Hi there, come on in.  Yeah, I know I’m late … but what’s a mother to do?  You got it!  I love quoting him even if he rarely shows up just because he’s so him.  I know, right?  How many people do you know that are actually quotable?  Too funny … what?  Of course, silly, get yourself in here and have a seat somewhere.  No, it doesn’t matter, really, pick a place and tell me what you want to drink and munch on ...


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