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Some questions about the New Improved TPM

I am pleased with many of the changes here, and I realize that the things that aren't working for me are likely things I haven't figured out yet.  1.  How do you track your comments to see if you have...
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The Steve McQueen Standard -- How Will History Judge Us?

I've just been watching Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, a story about American soldiers caught by nasty Germans and held prisoner during WWII.  The soldiers are held in internment camps, and are subjected to verbal and physical abuse.  The...
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What is Wrong With "Spreading the Wealth?"

I came across this at Huffpo: Mr. McCain's advisers said that in his speeches, television advertisements and mailings, he would seize on a remark Mr. Obama made in an encounter with an Ohio voter, Joe Wurzelbacher, who had pressed him...
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The Rapture -- Our Only Hope

After watching the mob mentality that has gotten so ugly from the Palin/McCain campaign (make no mistake about the order of the names), I really think that our only hope is that the Rapture myth is true.  For the uninitiated,...
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Sarah Palin: The Drive-By Accuser

So Sarah Palin thinks that it is time that the American people got to know Barack Obama?  That is her tag-line/excuse for starting up the William Ayers controversy.How about letting the American people get to know Sarah Palin?   Where she...
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Annoyed with Katie; Sarah, You Just Don't Understand

According to Sarah she was annoyed with Katie Couric because she didn't let her tell Americans how Obama would raise their taxes and McCain would lower them, and how McCain would save health care.  Well, son of a gun and spit on...
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Breaking! Bill Clinton Officially Campaigning for McCain!!!

Did anyone see the Meet the Press interview with Bill Clinton?  These are a few highlights:1.  An old quote from Bill about how McCain is a great man.  Could he say the same about Obama?  Short answer -- NO.  Long answer: ...
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A Nation Divided -- Why Not Accept It?

I just had a revelation.  After watching both national candidates for President, and also the Vice Presidential candidates, and just recently the debate between Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore in...
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Today I saw Michelle Obama, Jill Biden and Lily Ledbetter!

On a beautiful sunny day here in Charlottesville, Virginia, on the campus of UVA, they came!  I got there at 2:30 although the event was posted to start at 4:50, but I wanted a good seat.  Turns out I got...
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The Myth of Sarah Palin's "Experience"

I won't blame John McCain for floating the idea that Sarah Palin has more experience than anyone running; in a campaign of lies it is just one more.  But please, TPMers, don't fall into that bear trap!Please stop perpetuating this myth:...


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