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This is The Answer

Okay.  I have my own suggestion to end war (all war):Who can argue with this?When you see all the chickenhawks who promote war despite its costs in lives and money while they remain niggardly in their "care" for our very...
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My Recent Bill for Lab Work

I just got a bill today for labwork.                 CBC:   $37Metabolic Panel:     46       Lipid Panel:     93                 TSH:     94    ...
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Andrew Golis! Thanks and Farewell

I don't know how long Andrew has been here, but I have always found him to be fair and a hard- worker on this site.  I haven't seen him around here for a while, but I hope that he realizes...
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What Can Working People do to Push the Public Option?

I just got an email from Tom Periello (D - VA), who BTW is not certain what he will back as far as legislation is concerned for Health Care Reform.  He is having a "rally" next Tuesday from 8 am...
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August 8th 1974 - Nixon Resigns - August 8th 2009 --> It's up to Us!

I was at the Kennedy Center, and the Bolshoi Ballet was performing Raymunda, an exquisite ballet; a perfect performance.  I don't remember if it happened at intermission, or just between acts, but the curtains came down, and a huge screen...
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This is a Republican Email, In case anyone is Interested

I just received this from a republican co-worker:   Subject: Obama Health Care Plan Details Everyone knows abortion and euthanasia counseling are included in the health care bill.  But there is more that should be a source of concern. The following is a brief outline of this bill put together by Mat Staver of the Freedom Foundation and Liberty Counsel (contact info is at the end)....
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Howard Dean -- He May Be Our Only Hope

Howard Dean, on Rachel Maddow tonight, discussed the differences between health INSURANCE reform, versus health CARE reform, among other topics.  He succinctly spells it out, and he will be hosting the Keith Olberman hour for two nights.  To all of...
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Maybe It's Time to Have a Blog Delay Function

I hate to say this, because it goes against the way TPM has always worked, but today's spam posts make me think that perhaps the way around them is to have a review of blog posts before they actually appear...
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I was floating around, and just happened to notice the list of the "most followed users," and I realized that many of them haven't posted anything for quite some time.  I wonder if it might be more helpful --  if...
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Health Care Public Service Announcement -- It's Time!

This Wednesday, the President will hold a town-hall on Health Care  and the White House is asking for input.  To learn more about how to submit a question, read here.This is it, boys and girls!  Time to put up or shut up!...


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