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Wednesday, November 7, 2012: Mitt Romney's To Do List

1.  Call accountant to amend tax returns to reflect all the deductions previously not taken to keep tax rate above 14%

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Romney/Ryan Care --The Future as Captured in a You Tube Short

Camera UP:  View of Signage:


Ten Years From Now Under the Romney/Ryan Dystopian World


Location:  A typical doctor's office.  Patient (Mr Jones -- around 65ish in age) is seated on an exam table, and his wife is standing by.  They are both looking hopefully at the doctor ---


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Logging on

I realize this is probably not the place for this, but couldn't find another. 

I used to be able to click on this site and my last log-in showed up. Now, every time I click on DagBlog I have to re-log on, and even if I am logged on(as I am now), if I click on a headline, such as Ramona's (which I just did) I am no longer logged in.   

Is this fixable?  I don't comment as often as I used to, so it is not a huge problem, but it seems to be a glitch that should not be. 


Any others with this problem?



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Callista Gingrich // Lady Gaga ~~ A Brief Comparison


One is a narcissistic ball-buster who wears scary makeup and whose hair appears to have been created in a plastic factory.  She is a media-loving, cold fish who has a known history of sexual shenanigans, and has a fixation on outward displays of her wealth.  


And the other is a pretty cool singer who actually earns her living!




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President Obama has to make Medicare Solvent. Here's How:

Medicare currently provides reimbursement for medical care to those of us who are 65+ years old.  There aren't too many in that group who have never had a health issue, and even fewer who have never had a chronic one (eg:  high blood pressure, arthritis, injuries, surgeries, and even cancer etc) --


[insurance companies absolutely LOVE any of those things, because they get to charge more for premiums, or outright deny coverage, based on the fact that they would not be able to charge those unfortunate people enough to make a profit]

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For the first time in 24 years, I don't have to hurry home...or RIP sweet Skarlett

I am going on a trip next week, and my sons are going to be gone also, so for the first time ever, I planned to board my sweet dog, Skarlett at the Vet's. I took her there to get advice about what would be the best plan for her, and (considering her age -- 15!) we planned all kinds of accommodations for her (extra-large kennel, extra walks, and home-cooked meals from me). I was reassured when Skarlett seemed to relax when I was talking to the vet, and I thought it was going to work out.
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Governor Walker punked by someone posing as Koch!

This must be true, because I found it on the internet:

The link has been taken down, but a link to the audio is below, provided by flower! Thanks for that, flower!

Update: my link worked 5 minutes ago, but I think it keeps crashing.

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My New Picture

As someone who could win prizes for the worst pictures in the world, I want to share this one, fairly decent one of me.  

Oh, and on a more important front, BRAVO EGYPT!!!!  It has been 25 years since I was in Cairo, and I have many miles under my belt, but Egypt was one of the most interesting places I have ever been - in every way.  


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Back when the Soviet Union was the Soviet Union, a friend of mine went there for a year (1976) as a doctor to accompany a group of American young people (all fluent in Russian) as they went from city to city to show how great America was, and to learn what they could about the USSR.  It was a USIA (United States Information Agency) project.  The reason he went was because in previous years people had died from such things as appendicitis, and other treatable medical problems.

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Not That I Am A Socialist Or Anything...

...but there are billionaires out there who can never spend what they have (notice I did not say "earned").  Why should so many people suffer?  Why should people starve, and watch their children starve?  Distribution?  Oh, so inconvenient.


Why should health care at this stage of our planet, where there are preventative vaccines, and medications that can prevent complications, be considered to be "extra's"?  There is enough money in this world to distribute wealth, food, and health-care.  

There is no appetite for it, however, so all the talk is bogus.  



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